How To Manage Work And Prepare For The CAT

When Should You Begin Your CAT Preparation?
According to experts, preparing for the CAT exam shouldn't take more than four to five hours per day for roughly five months. Therefore, you can simply change your daily schedule rather than leave your employment.
You must understand that everyone has varied abilities from one. Create a plan as a result.

Establish a Daily Schedule for CAT Preparation
Undoubtedly, juggling CAT preparation with a regular job is a delicate act, but, as Ravi Priyansh discovered, with a little planning and a few tweaks to everyday routine, it is possible.
To balance exam preparation while working full-time at Cognizant, Ravi Priyansh, who achieved a 99.78 percentile in the CAT 2021, did not receive any coaching. He attributes his achievement to his methodical, laser-like approach, and frequent practice exams. I began getting ready in May and June. I began studying by taking a single diagnostic mock test to gauge my level of readiness. I then mapped out a thorough study schedule that was primarily concerned with managing my strengths and shortcomings, according to Ravi, who spoke with Career Launcher. The secret is to create a daily schedule and stick to it religiously. The most crucial factor in a situation like this is discipline. It is essential to stick to the daily schedule you have created for yourself and not squander any time. Make a plan for the next month and stick to it religiously. Once you become accustomed to that regimen, continue it for a further.
CAT Preparation: The Value of Mock Exams The CAT winners unanimously advise taking practice CAT exams. You grow closer to your goal as you take more mock exams. The biggest advantage of taking practice exams is that you learn from your mistakes and advance with each one that is completed. Your speed improves and you learn new ways to solve the questions with each practice test. Mock examinations are the ideal setting for honing speed and accuracy, which are key components of the CAT exam.
Every coaching centre offers practice test books. They are also available online. Try to complete as many practice CAT exams and papers as you can.
Using social media to study for the CAT
- On the internet, many communities support one another while they prepare for entrance tests. You can find student communities on big social media sites like Quora, Facebook, Reddit, and others.
- Make contact with other CAT aspirants, ask them questions, learn from their experiences, and broaden your knowledge. Many specialists who assist students in preparing for such career-defining tests may be found in such forums.
- Maintaining a high level of motivation requires interacting with others who are going through the same struggles as you.
- Additionally, it makes sense to get study apps. While traveling, you can use these apps on your smartphone to study.