Internship Experience _Shubh Majumdarr

After studying for more than 15+ years, as a student I have had all the theoretical knowledge from the mathematics formulas to crazy looking graphs but I had zero practice experience of how to utilise all the knowledge. I felt that mere knowledge was enough to lead to successful career, but this facade was brought down in the 2nd year of my engineering undergrad by my college professors and seniors. I learnt from their experiences that having hands on experience with real world would help to shape my future, take better judgement and also give me an edge over others in this cut throat competition. Thus my hunt for landing an internship began and mark my words, this journey will test your patience, passion and knowledge on the whole.I tried for multiple internships but failed to capitalise in the end, but luck favours those who are brave and willing to try again. I had finally cleared multiple rounds and got an internship at a startup which was funded by IIM Ahmedabad under Mavericks programme. I learnt everything from scratch and put extra hours as the expectations were really high and you only get one chance to put a last impression. I learnt the nitty-gritty of how to run a startup and also performed multiple roles as it was the need of the hour. We had client facing jobs as well as were responsible for decision being taken in the backstage. With team effort and right direction, we were able to double the business in a matter of 6 months. My contribution was duly noted by my teammates and I was given an extension for the same. The internship experiene was also a feather in the cap with respect to my resume and helped me in getting campus placement for the same. The hard work and efforts were duly noted by the recruitment companies an played important role in the final selection. I am really thankful for the experience and learnt that life outside books is very different and you need to be prepared everyday to come out as a winner. Thus my suggestion would be to get internship when ever possible to keep yourself on toes.