How to prepare for various managment entrance exam?

MBA, as we all know, is a very tough nut to crack. It is also one of the sought-after career options chosen by the degree holders all over India. There are various MBA coaching institutes in Pune which vigorously trains students for various positions and functions in the business world. But before even opting for the best coaching center in Pune, know your career interest. Don’t join the MBA coaching institute just

·         For the sake of your parents

·         Because the career appears to be attractive.

·         It is today’s trends OR

·         So that you can flaunt the MBA degree

Carefully decide your own reasons before you think about diving into this career. There are many MBA coaching institutes in Pune who for the sake of increasing their student count might mislead you with the program and force you to join the MBA classes. In this scenario, you might end up not clearing the exams and would get frustrated. So, if you are sure that you want to opt for this career at your interest then the next step is to prepare your mind for the hard work.


Before diving into the preparation part, you need to have knowledge of various aspects below that will contribute to smoothening your preparation

Essential aspects for various MBA entrance exams

To clear the MBA entrance examination a student needs to have an in-depth knowledge, sharp memory, strategic planning and systematic preparation. Most of the students think that like their graduation studies they can prepare for the test overnight and clear the exams with flying colors. This is a misconception; you need to look into various aspects, prepare yourself for all surprises arising during the MBA entrance exams. You are competing amongst the best talents all over India who are from varied disciplines. And so, thorough and structured preparation is required to get admission into one of the best B-schools or MBA colleges.

The syllabus  for different entrance tests such as CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, etc. is the same but the only difference is the weightage of different topic varies. The tests include different aspects such as reasoning, quantitative aptitude, case analysis, intelligence, relationships, comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, word power, general knowledge, etc.


The essential focus of the MBA entrance exams is:

·         Command over your English Language: Your vocabulary, expression, precision and grammar.

·         Logical and Reasoning Ability: It requires logical thinking, basic knowledge of Mathematics, and statistics.

·         Awareness about the National and World affairs: You should be aware of the latest hot topics and sports.

·         Leadership Quality and public Speaking skills: This aspect is tested during the group discussion session.

MBA Examination Pattern

·         The written test is completely based on Multiple choice type objective questions.

·         The test is conducted online.

·         The ratio of the number of questions to time allotted is uneven and quite challenging as there is very little time and you need to answer more questions. You won’t even get 1 minute for a single question.

·         As per the latest pattern you cannot switch to another question before answering the previous one.

·         The internal algorithms of the MBA examination pattern change every year and you are unable to predict the neutral, positive, and negative marking weightage.

It is very essential to have complete knowledge of the subject matter and a cool minded approach.


How to Prepare for the MBA entrance exam


·         The very first step you should take is to start working on your communication skills. For this, you need to read national daily newspaper and news magazines without fail on a daily basis. The newspaper I would suggest is “The Hindu”. The news reading will also increase your current affairs awareness. During the magazine or newspaper reading, you can even learn new words and find their meanings that may appear in your exam. Ideally, you should read the newspaper aloud and practice it every day for 15 minutes.

·         For correct spellings, vocabulary, and grammar usage you use the Oxford dictionary or you also get Oxford dictionary apps online. You can download it online.

·         Commerce and other branch students who have math subject as optional during their college curriculum should compulsorily take this subject as it will help them during the MBA preparations. Or else you need to take privates coaching to improve your quantitative aptitude.

·         Participating in various quiz competitions and solving various puzzles will improve your logical ability.

·         Invest in one of the best CAT and GMAT MBA preparation books.

·         Enroll for one of the online tests provided by coaching centers to know in which subject you lack and in which you are the best. Make your own strategies to solve the tests within less time.

·         There is various MBA coaching center like career launcher which provides MBA entrance practice CDs.

·         For gradual improvement rather than ignoring your weak areas start working on them more vigorously.

·         Be open to asking for guidance from your family, friends and seniors.

·         Lastly, I would suggest you to join a good MBA coaching institute as the faculties would give you the knowledge to learn new techniques, on how to solve a question at the least possible time and crucial information on various aspects. This information you may not get sitting at home or if you intend to join a distance learning or online program.



Few more quick tips for the MBA preparation

·         If you already planned to do MBA then choose a degree course that has at least one business subject.

·         We cannot predict the question pattern but we know that if you score a sum of 60-65 in each of the sections then you have the best chance to get admission into a good MBA institute.

·         You all might have heard the phrase “practice makes a man perfect” and so you have to apply the same here. Practice will help you to identify the question pattern that will make it easy for you to answer the question within less time.

·         While practicing doesn’t consider anything unimportant. Every section is equally important to clear the MBA entrance test.

·         Know that the MBA entrance test evaluates you on your overall ability, not on the knowledge of any particular subject. So, pay attention to every subject.

·         Study strategically and plan how to solve the questions within the stipulated time.

·         Focus on polishing your abilities with time management.


This list is meant to give a basic idea on how to work to achieve your goal of cracking the MBA entrance exam. One last word of advice is that don’t be overconfident even if you are 100% well-prepared. Work smart to get the most out of your efforts.