Law Entrance Mock Test Strategy (Formula to solve Mock Tests)

You should write just one mock test at the start of your preparation to see how far or close you are to your target score. It will help to identify your exact requirement. The nomenclature of this test can be a Diagnostic test the purpose of which is to diagnose the areas for you which needs improvement. Once you develop a study plan for yourself, based upon the result of this assessment test, execute the learning phase completely and revise your basics completely. Don’t write any Mocks in between. You may take the next mock in the refine phase of your preparation. This is also when you may take multiple mock tests. There are some definite points that you must follow to make the most of your mock tests. As explained earlier, mock tests are meant to make you exam ready and so we are happy to share you a strategy to make the most of a test series: • Take the tests at the same time during the day as per your actual Law Entrance i.e. in between 2 pm and 4 pm. • Don’t pause the tests in between if you start feeling tired or for any other reason. Take the mocks in one sitting. Actual Law Entrance does not allow you to take the exam at multiple sittings. • Don’t take extra time to solve questions. Stick to the time you will get in the actual Law Entrance. • If on the actual exam day, you intend to take 5 different sections in a definite order, then do the same in the mock tests. Try to stick to the order that works for you.