CAT Percentile vs. CAT Score: Understanding the Normalization Process

CL Team August 21 2023
1 min read
The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a highly competitive admission exam for MBA candidates in India. Understanding the difference between CAT percentile and CAT score is essential for interpreting your performance accurately. Moreover, the normalization process plays a crucial role in determining the final results. In this article, we will delve into the distinctions between CAT percentile and CAT score, as well as shed light on the normalization process. To ensure effective preparation, consider the guidance and resources offered by Career Launcher Ahmedabad at CAT Percentile: What Does It Mean? CAT percentile represents the percentage of candidates who scored equal to or less than your score in the exam. It is calculated based on the number of candidates who appeared for CAT and their respective scores. A higher CAT percentile indicates better performance compared to other candidates. CAT Score: The Absolute Score CAT score, on the other hand, is the actual marks obtained by a candidate in the exam. It represents the raw score without considering the performance of other candidates. CAT score reflects the number of correct and incorrect answers in the test. The Normalization Process CAT is conducted in multiple sessions to accommodate a large number of candidates. Due to variations in difficulty levels across different sessions, the normalization process is employed to ensure fairness in the evaluation. The process equates the scores of candidates across various sessions, eliminating any advantage or disadvantage due to session-wise variations. How Normalization Works Equating Percentiles: The first step involves converting the raw scores into scaled scores, which are then used to calculate the CAT percentile. Equating ensures that a particular percentile indicates the same level of performance across all sessions. Equating CAT Score: The scaled scores obtained from equating are converted into a final CAT score using a predetermined formula. This final score is the one used for the selection process by B-Schools. Implications for CAT Aspirants Understanding the normalization process is crucial for CAT aspirants. While a high CAT score is commendable, a higher percentile carries more weight during the selection process. As the CAT percentile is relative to other candidates, it is essential to focus on outperforming peers to secure a top percentile rank. Career Launcher Ahmedabad: Your CAT Preparation Partner Career Launcher Ahmedabad is your trusted partner in CAT preparation. With experienced faculty and comprehensive study material, we ensure you are well-prepared to tackle the CAT exam. Moreover, our guidance on understanding CAT percentile and score can provide valuable insights to boost your performance. Summary CAT percentile and CAT score are essential indicators of your performance in the exam. While CAT score reflects your absolute marks, CAT percentile showcases your relative rank compared to other candidates. Understanding the normalization process is crucial to comprehend the final results. Embrace the resources and expertise offered by Career Launcher Ahmedabad to strengthen your CAT preparation and aim for a remarkable performance in this highly competitive exam. Visit for more information and start your CAT journey on the right path.