Changes in CLAT 2020 pattern

CL Team March 12 2020
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According to the convenor the exam is now going to be more on comprehension based rather memory based. The GK section will be based on current affairs and general knowledge relevant to the current affairs. Ther will be no maths rather it will be more of questions based on the applications of the quantitative techniques. Almost 80% to 90% of the question paper released as a sample is comprehension based. There will be no legal knowledge based questions but the questions will be based on reasoning and deductive logic more. May be the Logical section will also comprise more of inference or conclusions to be drawn and involve more of critical reasoning type of questions. The students who have good reading habits will definitely have edge over others. Still Data Interpretation should be the game changer as many a student would leave this section un-attempted due to fear of maths. The shortcut techniques will play a major role in cracking this section. Overall there is a fear in students about the new pattern. I believe the cutoff should be low but it will again depend on the difficulty level of the question paper.