CLAT 2023: Changes in the Exam Pattern and How to Prepare Accordingly

CL Team August 21 2023
1 min read
Career Launcher Ahmedabad is dedicated to helping CLAT aspirants navigate through the changes in the CLAT 2023 exam pattern and prepare effectively for success. The Consortium of National Law Universities has introduced some key modifications to the CLAT exam, and understanding these changes is crucial to devise a well-rounded preparation strategy. Changes in the CLAT 2023 Exam Pattern • Mode of Examination: CLAT 2023 will be conducted in an online, computer-based mode. Aspirants need to familiarize themselves with the online test interface through regular mock tests. • Number of Questions: The total number of questions in CLAT 2023 has been reduced. It will now consist of approximately 120-150 questions, making it essential to focus on each question and maximize accuracy. • Shift to Subjective Questions: CLAT 2023 will introduce a section with subjective questions. Aspirants will need to provide written answers, highlighting the importance of strong writing and analytical skills. • Reduction in Exam Duration: The duration of the CLAT 2023 exam has been shortened to 2 hours. This change demands better time management and efficient problem-solving during the exam. • Changes in the Marking Scheme: The marking scheme for CLAT 2023 has been revised. Objective questions will carry 1 mark each, and subjective questions will be graded for 25 marks. How to Prepare for CLAT 2023 Accordingly • Adopt an Updated Study Plan: Revise your study plan to accommodate the changes in the exam pattern. Allocate sufficient time to practice subjective writing, and increase the focus on improving your writing skills. • Enroll in a Reputable CLAT Coaching Program: Consider joining Career Launcher Ahmedabad's CLAT coaching program to receive expert guidance on the revised exam pattern and effective preparation strategies. • Practice Mock Tests Regularly: Regularly attempt mock tests in the online format to get accustomed to the new exam interface and improve your time management skills. • Work on Subjective Writing: Develop a habit of practicing subjective writing on various topics to enhance your ability to provide clear and well-structured answers. • Improve Reading and Comprehension Skills: Since the number of questions has been reduced, focus on improving reading comprehension skills to understand and answer questions accurately. • Stay Updated with Current Affairs: Stay updated with the latest news and legal developments to excel in the subjective and general awareness sections. • Analyze Mock Test Performance: After each mock test, analyze your performance thoroughly to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need improvement. • Seek Personalized Guidance: Career Launcher Ahmedabad provides personalized attention and mentoring to cater to individual learning needs. Avail of this guidance to strengthen your preparation. • Revision and Regular Practice: Regular revision of concepts and consistent practice are key to performing well in the CLAT 2023 exam. • Stay Positive and Confident: Maintain your positive attitude and self-assurance. Trust your study skills and strive to deliver your best performance on test day. Summary The changes in the CLAT 2023 exam pattern necessitate a strategic and updated approach to preparation. Career Launcher Ahmedabad is committed to providing CLAT aspirants with comprehensive coaching and personalized guidance to navigate through these changes successfully. By adapting to the revised exam pattern and following a well-structured preparation strategy, you can boost your chances of achieving an excellent score and securing admission to your desired National Law University.