HOW TO PREPARE LEGAL APPTITUDE FOR CLAT? Students have inadequate knowledge about preparing for CLAT, because majority of students are freshly passed out of school. Candidates get confused as how to prepare for legal aptitude for CLAT. The legal aptitude section is extremely important, among all the other subjects in CLAT. Because a candidates ability to solve the questions based on aptitude determines the seats allotted to the candidates. That is why it is necessary to focus on legal aptitude carefully. Before spending hours on preparing for CLAT one must first understand the other sections, which are Legal general knowledge Legal facts Legal reasoning LEGAL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Legal general knowledge is a section which requires general awareness. Newspaper is an important source which will provide the information related to world activities. Reading newspaper will help you prepare for the exam as well as acquire knowledge. Students can also learn through watching videos online. Candidates can also read about the facts in magazines and online articles. LEGAL FACTS This section involves a detailed study related directly to law which also requires knowledge of judgments and amendments. Mainly the topics like preamble, directive principles, important amendments, fundamental rights, important judgments and recommendations and chairpersons of law commissions are involved. LEGAL REASONING Legal reasoning for CLAT determines candidates ability of problem solving and decision making and knowledge in study of law. Important topics to be prepared under legal reasoning re Indian Penal code Law of contract Law of torts Criminal law CLAT aspirants can solve previous years question paper which will help them strengthen in this particular field and they will get a rough knowledge of the question paper pattern. SELECT MATERIAL CAREFULLY Before studying a student must make sure that they are choosing the right material for learning. Choosing the right material will help you score good in your CLAT exam. Apart from all this one must stay updated with the syllabus pattern, practice giving mock tests. There are many websites which provide online mock tests. Clearing your doubts is also important it will help them in scoring good marks in examination and also clear the basic knowledge related to the subjects. Managing time is also essential as all the questions are to be solved in a limited time. Therefore candidate must improve their ability to solve the questions as fast as possible.