My first Year at IIM- C (E. Tabitha : Batch 2019-2021)

CL Team May 15 2024
4 min read

Reflections on My First Year at IIM Calcutta


Lots of learning and lot more responsibilities!! That sums up my first year of MBA at IIM Calcutta. Months just passed by and here I stand today with a great experience that my institute provided me.


Initial Thoughts and Impressions


When I first entered the institute, there were many thoughts that hung in my mind. With the euphoria of being able to study in the top management institute, with the nervousness of how I am going to perform among my peers and the burdening thoughts of how hard I need to work and the number of sleepless nights I am going to witness, I stepped in with a number of things revolving in my mind at the moment.


Campus Atmosphere


IIM Calcutta is a beautiful campus to witness. The trees and the 7 lakes that are present in the campus give you a delightful experience every day. This also gives you a stress-free environment while being caught up in the hectic schedules and deadlines.



Community and Peer Learning


As the days passed by, I saw the peer pressure turning into a well-connected community where we see each other and find a lot to learn.


Time Management and Academic Excellence


There’s always a conception about the hectic schedules of MBA and people talk about sleepless nights you might face down the line. I felt the same way. But my conception started changing when I realized that avoiding procrastination will help you manage your time well. Time Management is something that you inherit from a B-school and this would help you very much down the lane.


Interactive Learning Environment


The mostly monotonous classes we find in our regular education system are now replaced by a very interactive session here. That helps us to proactively take part and engage ourselves in every session.


Holistic Development and Extracurricular Activities


The projects we do together with our peers enhance our skills of teamwork, presentation. Hence I say learning and the responsibility goes hand in hand. There is a scope of opportunities you find everywhere around you. The focus is not only on the academics but the overall development of an individual.


Clubs and Sports Activities


Hence, we have a number of clubs and sports activities going on in the campus in the institute for this purpose. With my enthusiasm towards public speaking, I joined the Toastmasters club and I now head the club at IIM C.


Alumni Interaction and Support


Another asset of the institute is the strong alumni base. The alumni from various batches visit the campus often and conduct interactive sessions with the students. They put their efforts into supporting and motivating us.


Everyday Excitement


Every day is as exciting as the previous one. The scope of looking at aspects of the world starts improving as you look at it from a broad point of view. Each day is worth experiencing at IIM Calcutta! I am proud to be a part of it.



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