My First Year at XLRI (Saurav Ganguly :Batch:2019-2021)

CL Team May 15 2024
2 min read

Embarking on a New Journey at XLRI


After four years as a UPSC candidate, I made the decision to transition to a new phase of my career. With several college options available, I sought an institute renowned for its 100% placement record and dominance in its field. Thus, I found myself at XLRI, drawn by its impressive placement figures, numerous alumni holding top positions, particularly CHROs across India, and its reputation as the premier institution in Asia-Pacific for HR.


Expectations Exceeded


Upon stepping into the campus, I was pleasantly surprised to find that XLRI exceeded my already high expectations. The faculty, experts in their fields with notable achievements, delivered top-notch education. The demanding curriculum, though challenging (often requiring only 3-4 hours of sleep), proved immensely beneficial, staying abreast of the latest industry trends.


Balancing Academics and Fun


XLRI offered more than just rigorous academics. It provided a vibrant social scene with numerous opportunities. From joining committees aligned with personal interests to attending fests like Ensemble Valhalla (featuring performances by Divine and The Local Train). Sporting and gym facilities further added to the experience.


A Rich Learning Environment


In my time here, I've learned extensively from both professors and peers, while also discovering the art of balancing personal, family, and work time—a skill often touted by XLRI alumni as its most valuable offering. The unique culture at XLRI fosters a supportive and respectful community, even amidst intense competition.


XL Family: A Lifelong Network


The XLRI experience extends beyond graduation. Referred to as the "XL Mafia," alumni are readily available to assist juniors in their careers. I've personally experienced this support during internships, affirming the sense of belonging to the XL Family.


Conclusion: A Journey of Growth and Belonging


In conclusion, XLRI offers not just education but an immersive journey of growth and belonging. From academic excellence to a vibrant social scene and a lifelong network of support, XLRI truly becomes more than just a college—it becomes home.



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