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CUET is one of the biggest UG entrance carnivals in the country. A total of 249 universities participated in CUET 2023 and NTA received 16L applications (approx) for the same. CUET 2024 is expected to draw even stiffer competition. Candidates aspiring for any of the top colleges or universities for UG admission must explore all the useful resources and begin their CUET preparation at the earliest. This will enable them to comprehensively prepare for the CUET and tackle the competition with ease.

One of the crucial aspects of how to prepare for CUET is making a detailed strategy. For this, it is essential that the students grasp the entire CUET syllabus, exam pattern, and useful CUET preparation books. This will enable them to thoroughly understand the exam and plan their study routine effectively.

With the added pressure of the Board exams, it is crucial that students balance their Board + CUET preparation. Follow this article till the end to get detailed awareness on how to prepare for CUET 2024, and effectively balance studies. Also, learn a few important tips and strategies for CUET preparation. The tips and strategies mentioned in this article will definitely help the students draft a well-structured study plan and succeed in CUET.

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NTA, the conducting authority of CUET 2024 has already declared the dates for CUET 2024. The exam is scheduled to be conducted from May 15 - 31, 2024. Candidates must keep in mind the dates for CUET as well as Boards and plan their CUET preparation accordingly. It is never easy to formulate a perfect strategy for any entrance exam. While one can always argue about the importance of hard work, the pressure of school curriculum, etc. There is definitely a need to have an effective strategy on 'how to prepare for CUET 2024.

Understand the CUET Exam

Every entrance exam that is competitive in nature has its own uniqueness. The first crucial step of CUET preparation is to understand the exam, only then students can hop on “how to prepare for CUET?”. This is very important for students to tackle the stiff competition. A good score in the CUET 2024 will help students secure a seat at any of the best Universities (like DU, BHU, JNU, JMI, Hyderabad University, and Allahabad University) in the country. Thus, it becomes imperative that students understand all the details (like exam structure & pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, and eligibility) thoroughly regarding the exam and plan their CUET preparation accordingly.

So, let's get a brief overview of the CUET exam, before strategizing on how to prepare for CUET 2024 and the Boards simultaneously.

  • CUET syllabus: NTA has already declared the CUET 2024 syllabus and it will be the same as the previous year. The syllabus will consist of the complete NCERT syllabus of class 12 for respective subjects. For a detailed CUET syllabus, Click here.
  • Exam pattern & structure: It is a must that the students check the detailed exam pattern before beginning their CUET preparation. Similar to the syllabus, even in the pattern and structure of the exam, there will be no changes from what it was in CUET 2023. There will be 3 brief sections in CUET -

Section I: Languages

Section II: Domain subjects

Section III: General test

For detailed CUET exam pattern and structure, Click here.

  • Marking scheme: The candidates will be awarded +5 marks for each correct answer, and -1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. However, there will be no negative marking for the unattempted questions.
  • Participating universities: There is no official confirmation for the number of universities participating in CUET 2024. In 2023, a total of 249 universities, including 45 central universities (like DU, BHU, and JNU) participated in CUET. The number is definitely going to cross the 250 mark in 2024.
  • Eligibility: As per the CUET conducted in previous years, there will be no age limit for the candidates to apply for the test. However, it is mandatory that the students qualify for their 10+2 from a recognised Board with a minimum of 40% marks. Check the detailed CUET eligibility criteria, Click here.

This was a brief overview of the CUET exam 2024. Candidates planning to appear for the test and aspiring for a seat at any of the top universities/colleges should go through the details minutely. Along with these briefs, students should get hold of various useful CUET preparation books that are suitable for them. These will enable the students to navigate through how to prepare for CUET and plan a thorough CUET preparation strategy.

For a brief understanding of CUET 2024, click on the tab below.

How to prepare for CUET

We have already discussed the importance of knowing and understanding the crucial aspects of the CUET. It was necessary to comprehend the exam and address the question of how to prepare for CUET 2024.

Before we move on and learn effective strategies and tips for CUET preparation, let’s first go through the CUET 2024 timeline. Following the timeline will help students develop a suitable strategy for their CUET preparation.

Important dates for CUET 2024:

After getting all the necessary information about CUET 2024, now aspiring students can go through the detailed stepwise CUET preparation strategies mentioned below.

CUET Preparation Strategy

CUET being a common entrance exam aims to give an equal and common opportunity to all aspiring students. This is why students must meticulously plan how to prepare for CUET and succeed in it, to secure their admission to their dream colleges and universities. Keeping in mind the significance of the exam and the requirements of the students, here we have listed a detailed stepwise approach for their CUET preparation.

Go through the following steps to ace CUET and crack it without having those sleepless nights!

Explore the CUET Syllabus

The first step toward CUET preparation is developing an understanding of the CUET syllabus. If aspirants are not thorough with the syllabus and do not get hold of the right CUET preparation books, they might not be fairly able to distinguish between what is important and what is not. Check the marks assigned to specific units and set your priorities based on individual student's strengths and weaknesses. This will roughly address the query on how to prepare for CUET 2024 and push students in the right direction.

Download the detailed CUET syllabus pdf below and kickstart your CUET preparation now.

Draw up a Timetable

Balancing CUET preparation along with the Boards can be a tricky task, and students can tackle this best by starting early. It will significantly reduce the pressure and help in planning a study plan in a more convenient manner. Merely beginning early wouldn’t be enough, as students need to create a suitable timetable and follow it sincerely too.

Prepare a dedicated timetable according to the time that can be devoted each day. Students who can stick to the timetable and maintain their consistency will definitely make it to their dream colleges by performing well in CUET as well as the Boards.

Previous year’s question papers

Candidates who will be appearing in CUET 2024 are advised to go through the previous year’s question papers and solve them for a better understanding of the exam pattern, the format of questions, and important areas from where questions are majorly asked in the exam. Through the previous year’s questions, candidates can understand the topic and units from a subject that are given higher importance. This will help them with their CUET preparation and score well in CUET 2024.

Download the subject-wise CUET sample paper and the previous year’s question paper from the link below and go through them.

Sample papers and mock tests

The best way for any candidate to know their individual strengths and weaknesses and gain confidence at the same time is by solving the sample papers and taking mock tests. From formulating time management to understanding the format of the paper, solving sample papers can help candidates with their CUET preparation to a great extent. Click the link below to visit the CUET Freezone and take the mock test today.

Remain Motivated

Motivation is important to conquer any hurdle, and an entrance exam is a very crucial hurdle that you can't afford to fail. Go through the syllabus, CUET preparation books, sample and previous years' questions, and mock tests. Think positively, and understand how success in the entrance will help shape your future dreams and your career aspirations. Seek guidance. Connect with experts, if required.

CUET preparation tips

For any aspirants wondering how to prepare for CUET, the key tip is to cover the entire syllabus on time and revise all the important topics. Revision helps students point out anything that they might have missed or skipped on their first attempt.

Here are some of the crucial CUET preparation tips right from our expert UG mentors with 28+ years of experience in UG (aptitude test) preparation:

CUET Preparation - Important Tips:

CUET Preparation books

The National Testing Agency has already announced the CUET 2024 syllabus and it states that the brief syllabus will be the complete NCERT class 12th syllabus. Going by this, without pondering how to prepare for CUET 2024, the NCERT class 12 books will prove to be the best CUET preparation books for any candidate who wishes to prepare for CUET.

Apart from the NCERT books, candidates might take help from various other CUET preparation books and sources to fine-tune their preparation skills. After thorough research and analysis, we have prepared a comprehensive list of CUET preparation books for 2024 that can prove to be helpful for each candidate aspiring to score well in the exam.

Check the section-wise list for CUET preparation books by clicking the link below.

CUET Programs

To serve the needs of every CUET aspirant, and answer them with how to prepare for CUET, our experts at CL have tailor-made various comprehensive preparation programs for CUET. Explore them and enroll in a suitable course of your choice to ace CUET and crack it.

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