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NTA has officially announced the CUET exam dates for 2024, which will be conducted from May 15 to 31, 2024. Students should go through the complete CUET syllabus 2024 and prepare a brief study plan to ace their CUET preparation. Lacking thorough knowledge of the CUET 2024 syllabus might deviate the preparation plan off track, and students will be left wondering where things could have gone wrong!

With approximately 3 lakh UG seats on offer across 250+ universities, including 44+ Central and several other (State, private, and deemed) Universities, CUET 2024 will be a tough nut to crack. CUET (UG) will be conducted by the NTA in an online and MCQ-based format. It has been announced that the CUET exam syllabus will remain the same as the previous year, which is the complete NCERT class 12 syllabus for respective subjects.

CUET 2024 Preparation Plan

It is well known that DU will consider the class 12 marks to decide the tiebreaker scenario (students with equal CUET scores, choosing the same college and course). Therefore while preparing for CUET 2024, students need to understand the differences between the Boards and CUET syllabus. This will enable them to adopt a structured approach that will ensure that they grasp the complete CUET 2024 syllabus, score well, and secure admission to their dream college for UG.

Follow this article till the end to learn about the detailed stream & subject-wise CUET syllabus 2024 for all the sections and exam pattern for the same. Students can also download the complete CUET 2024 syllabus pdf here for further reference. To assist in their preparation, the direct link to download the CUET Previous year’s question paper has been provided towards the end of this article. Go through all the relevant details to develop a basic understanding of the CUET syllabus and begin preparing, NOW!

CUET Exam Overview

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is divided broadly into three main sections - Language, Domain-subject, and General Test. All the sections and detailed stream & subject-wise CUET 2024 syllabus have been discussed in this article. Aspiring students’ knowledge and acumen of their chosen subjects are to be tested through MCQ-based online paper for UG admissions to 250+ universities across the country. To score the maximum marks on the test and excel, students need to go through the entire CUET syllabus 2024 and prepare thoroughly.

Following are the sectional divisions for CUET 2024:

  • Section IA – 13 Languages
  • Section IB – 20 Languages
  • Section II – 27 Domain-specific Subjects
  • Section III – General Test

Let us look at the CUET exam syllabus and the CUET exam pattern briefly in the following section of the article.

Check the detailed stream and subjects-wise CUET syllabus 2024 Click here

CUET Syllabus 2024

NTA in its official announcement stated that the CUET exam syllabus for 2024 will be the complete NCERT class 12 syllabus for respective subjects. Students must carefully note that the CUET syllabus is the NCERT class 12 syllabus but not any particular Board (CBSE or ICSE) class 12 syllabus. Follow this article till the end and go through the detailed CUET 2024 syllabus.

CUET 2024 Syllabus: Highlights

Following is a rough outline of the CUET syllabus 2024:

Title Description Details
Section IA & IB Language RC (Reading Comprehension), Grammar, Books & Authors, etc.
Section II Domain Subjects Complete NCERT Class 12 syllabus
Section III General Test (GT) General awareness, Numerical abilities, Logical Reasoning, etc.

Detailed CUET Syllabus

NTA has officially announced that the CUET exam syllabus will consist of the entire NCERT class 12 syllabus. No changes are expected in the CUET 2024 syllabus, and it is expected to remain the same as was in the first two editions of CUET. Go through the detailed CUET syllabus 2024 in the following section. Detailed stream and subject-wise CUET exam syllabus are mentioned below.

CUET English Syllabus

In section I (Languages), students' fluency in their chosen language is to be tested through questions asked in Reading Comprehension based on different types of passages – (Factual, Literary, Poem, and Narratives), Grammar, Books and Authors, etc.

The languages included in Section IA and IB respectively are as mentioned below:

Section IA Section IB
English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Odia, and Urdu. Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Nepali, Russian, Spanish, Tibetan, Dogri, Bodo, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Manipuri, Santhali, and Sindhi.

Detailed CUET English syllabus

The following mentioned topics briefly cover the CUET English syllabus for 2024:

  • Reading Comprehension (Factual, Literary, Poem, and Narratives)
  • Literary aptitude
  • Vocabulary
  • Verbal ability
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Rearranging words/sentences
  • One-word substitution
  • Books and authors… etc.

CUET Syllabus for Domain Subject

The CUET 2024 syllabus for the domain-specific subjects will be the same as the NCERT syllabus for Class XII (Whole). The NCERT books will be the best preparation source for the domain-specific paper. One can choose from the following subjects for the domain-specific paper.

Explore the detailed CUET exam syllabus 2024 by clicking on the choice of stream and subjects, below:

Check the detailed Arts/Humanities stream subjects CUET syllabus 2024 from the table below.

Subject Syllabus Brief Detailed Syllabus
Geography Syllabus There are 2 sections each containing 5 different units in the CUET Geography syllabus View More
History Syllabus CUET History syllabus for 2024 has 15 comprehensive units View More
Legal Studies Syllabus The CUET syllabus for Legal Studies comprises a total of 8 units View More
Political Science Syllabus The CUET Political Science syllabus is divided into 2 sections. The sections comprise 10 and 9 chapters respectively View More
Psychology Syllabus The CUET 2024 syllabus for Psychology consists of 9 units View More
Sociology Syllabus There are a total of 10 units in the CUET Sociology syllabus View More
CUET English Syllabus English is the major language in the section I (Languages) in CUET (UG) paper View More
CUET General Test General Test is the section III of CUET paper View More
Physical Education Syllabus This is a common syllabus for Physical Education, NCC, and Yoga. It has a total of 9 units View More
Environmental Studies Syllabus The Environmental Studies syllabus has a total of 7 brief units View More
Knowledge Tradition and Practices of India Syllabus The CUET syllabus 2024 for this subject consists of 8 units View More

Check the detailed Commerce stream subjects CUET 2024 syllabus from the table below.

Subject Syllabus Brief Detailed Syllabus
Accountancy Syllabus There are two broad sections and 11 constituent units that cover the complete CUET 2024 syllabus for Accountancy View More
Business Studies Syllabus  The Business Studies syllabus for CUET 2024 is divided into two broad sections, consisting of 13 units View More
Economics Syllabus The CUET Economics syllabus for 2024 has 10 brief units View More
Entrepreneurship Syllabus There are 6 different units in CUET 2024 Entrepreneurship syllabus View More

Check the detailed Science stream subjects CUET exam syllabus from the table below.

Subject Syllabus Brief Detailed Syllabus
Biology Syllabus There are 5 brief units which the CUET Biology syllabus consists of View More
Chemistry Syllabus The Chemistry syllabus for CUET 2024 consists of 16 brief units View More
Computer Science Syllabus There are 3 sections in the CUET Computer Science syllabus: Section A, Section B1 & B2. There are 4, 9, and 8 units in the respective sections View More
Engineering Graphics Syllabus The Engineering Graphics syllabus for CUET 2024 consists of a total of 7 units View More
Home Science Syllabus There are a total of 6 sections in the CUET Home Science syllabus. 6 sections combined have a total of 18 units View More
Mathematics Syllabus This includes syllabus for both, Applied and Core Mathematics. The CUET 2024 syllabus for Mathematics is divided into three sections: A, B1, and B2. All the sections combined have a total of 53 chapters View More
Physics Syllabus The CUET syllabus for Physics comprises a total of 10 units View More

The list of subjects in section II is again classified as Domain Subjects and Additional Subjects as below:

Domain Subjects Additional Subjects
Accountancy, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Economics, Geography, History, Home Science, Legal Studies, Maths, Physics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. Physical Education, Engineering graphics, Fine arts, Knowledge & Tradition - Practices in India, Entrepreneurship, Teaching aptitude, Mass media, and Agriculture.

CUET General Test Syllabus

The General Test (GT) is section III of the CUET 2024 syllabus. The General Test syllabus for CUET 2024 will comprise the following topics:

  • General Knowledge, Current Affairs,
  • General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability,
  • Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts, Quantitative arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics.
  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning.

In the next section, let's learn about the CUET exam pattern in detail.

CUET Exam Pattern

Following is a rough outline of the CUET 2024 exam pattern:

Sections Subjects/ Tests No. of Questions To be Marked Duration of the Test
Section IA 13 Languages 50 40 in each language 45 minutes for each language
Section IB 20 Languages
Section II 27 Domain-specific subject 50 40 60 minutes for [Accountancy, Economics, Physics, Computer Science/Informatics Practices, Mathematics (Applied & Core), and Chemistry]

45 minutes for rest other subjects

Section III General Test 60 50 60 minutes

Note: From the above (all 3 sections combined), a candidate can choose a maximum of 10 subjects.

To learn about the CUET exam pattern and marking scheme briefly, click the tab below.

CUET Exam Pattern

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CUET Participating Universities & Course List

In a move that could be a potential game-changer for higher education in India, the government introduced a Common University Entrance Test for UG admissions in universities across the country (a total of 250+). 44+ Central universities (including DU, BHU, JNU, JMU, AMU, Hyderabad University, etc.) will be participating in CUET 2024 and will accept the CUET score, for UG admission. Check out the list of all the universities accepting CUET exam scores, the list of courses they are offering, and their eligibility criteria. Click on the buttons below to check the same.

CUET University List CUET Course List

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CUET 2024 Syllabus will consist of the whole NCERT class 12 syllabus. Students must note that it is the whole NCERT (not any Boards, ie. CBSE or ICSE) class 12 syllabus.

According to the CUET syllabus published by the NTA on its official website, the questions may be from the topics of Class 11 and Class 12 as well. Because some chapters which are in NCERT class 12 syllabus, are covered in class 11 of a few Boards. Students are advised to go through the detailed syllabus for each subject from the official website of CUET. The same is provided in this article as well.

Candidates who aspire to appear for the CUET (UG) 2024 should prepare the whole class 12th NCERT syllabus.

NCERT is the core point of reference for CUET. Questions in CUET will be based on only the NCERT class 12 syllabus.

Class 12 board marks are not the most important factor for CUET and subsequent admission for your UG as such, but if you are aspiring to take admission in DU, then class 12 board marks are crucial as they will act as tie-breakers.

In case there is a tie in the CUET score of two or more candidates applying for the same course and same college for UG admission, then their Board marks will be considered to decide upon the eligible candidate. Firstly best of 3, 4, & 5 subject marks will be considered and in case of a tie again the oldest student will get the seat.

CUET 2024 will be one of the biggest UG entrance carnivals. Students across the country will be applying for a UG seat in one of the 250+ participating universities. You can prepare diligently for CUET 2024 by staying disciplined and following the guideline mentioned below.

  1. Go through the detailed CUET UG syllabus 2024.
  2. Distribute the subjects you need to study and align them to make your study plan.
  3. Be consistent and remain committed to your goals and aspirations.
  4. Don’t hesitate to consult and refer if any help is required.

The competition in the exam will be huge. Therefore, students are advised to enroll in a customized preparation program for thorough and comprehensive preparation.