CL Educate in association with IFMR/KREA brings to you one of India's best Data Science and Big Data Analytics course* for working professional to Delhi-NCR

(*) Top ten executive Data Science Courses in India - Ranking 2018 according to the Analytics India Magazine.

Why Data Science & Big Data Analytics

A common saying that has gain steam in recent times is that Data is the new oil. However it still needs to be extracted which is why digitizing the data is necessary as it represents the best way to access and understand the data. Data Science & Big Data Analytics is generally consists of scientific and mathematical methods such as algorithms and systems to draw insights and knowledge from the data available.

"Analytics professionals are earning 26% higher than an average software engineer in India" - Analytics India Magazine.

Why you should opt for the one of the best Data Science Course in Delhi?

There are several reasons that you would benefit from this Data Science Course based in Delhi. Some of the most crucial are outlined below:

  • Employment Potential - With the growth of the data analytics and machine learning field, the CL's Data Science Course in Delhi can aid you in your employment opportunities.
  • Location - Delhi is a hub for several different types of companies and startups. Due to this, the potential for machine learning types of jobs in Delhi is extremely high.
  • Leading Faculty - With CL's Data Science Course in Delhi, you will have access to the leading faculty in the country when it comes to the field of data science and data analytics.

Who would benefit the most from this program?

While the Data Science and Big Data Analytics course might seem intimidating to many people, it is important for potential aspirants to know that there are truly few prerequisites for the Data Science Course in Delhi. The people who can look at the Data Science and Big Data Analytics course as a viable option are:

  • Ideally participants are expected to have three years full time post qualification work Experience (this is not mandatory)
  • Program is designed for junior and middle level managers from any industry (not necessarily IT)
  • No background in IT or computer science is required. Only an open mind to learn

Learning Outcomes for the Data Science and Big Data Analytics Course

It is important for the candidates interested in the data science and big data analytics course to understand the learning outcomes (what they stand to gain) that they can expect from the Data Science course. Keeping this in mind, the learning outcomes on a broad level are mentioned below:

  • An in-depth understanding of data structure and analysis
  • Functional knowledge of the tools & techniques used in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Skills to make fast data driven, real time organisational decisions
  • Understanding of the concepts required to make strategic and effective business decisions
  • Learn to implement Machine Learning Algorithms

Program Highlights

Weekend Mentorship Sessions

Weekend Mentorship Sessions

400 hours, mix of classroom and online classes, 30 project hours, Comprehensive Assessment and Certification, Multiple industry interface

Designed for Working Professionals

Designed for Working Professionals

The course is designed keeping in mind the work pattern of professionals

World Class Faculty

World Class Faculty

Learn from leading academicians in the field of Data Science and experienced industry practitioners.

Contemporary Content

Contemporary Content

Stiches together three relevant areas (Statistics, Data Science and Industry Orientation) to create a unique pathway for learning.

Real-World Problem-Solving

Real-World Problem-Solving

Relevant exposure to "What the world is trying to solve now", using tools like R, Python, Tableau, and SAS.

Cloud Account for Practice

Cloud Account for Practice

Access to learning progress, past videos, data sets, relevant articles, and all necessary tools for a full 6 months after course completion.

Convenient Weekend Classes

Convenient Weekend Classes

Classes are designed over weekends to ensure there is no disruption for working professionals.

Placement Assessment

Placement assistance

All candidates would be provided free placement assistance by CL Educate.

Program Contents

The Data Science and Big Data Analytics Course comprise both onsite & web-based training; and include the following:

Ensures a firm grounding in the basic tools required to appreciate both the application & delivery aspects of Data Science. No prior experience in programming is required.

Topics: Introduction to Statistics | Introduction to Data Science using R | Financial Analytics | Data Visualization using Tableau

Predictive Analytics is the science of using past data to generate useful future scenarios. A clear and concise understanding of predictive modelling is required to appreciate the application modules that follow.

Topics: Perspective on Data Science | Python for Data Science | Predictive Analytics & Data Mining | Machine Learning

This, and the next module, introduce real-world applications in Data Science, through a mixture of theory, real-world problem-solving and guest lectures.

Topics: Retail Analytics | Deep Learning & Ensemble Methods | Big Data Analytics | Forecasting

Focuses on analytics techniques that are useful when no clear past intelligence is available with respect to input-output correlation.

Topics: Optimization Techniques | Supply Chain Analytics | NLP and Sentiment Analysis | Marketing Analytics

Participants will also get the opportunity to work on real-world problems across several industries.

Curriculum Snapshot

The Data Science and Big Data Analytics Course is fundamentally an instructor led course. The curriculum for the Analytics course has been designed in collaboration with faculty from KREA University and Career Launcher.

  • Data School Pgpdsbda Foundation Module
    1. Intro to Statistics
    2. Intro to Data Science using R
    3. Data Visualization using Tableau
    4. Introduction to SQL
    5. Data Science Perspective
    6. Python for Machine Learning
  • Data School Pgpdsbda Module I
    1. Predictive Analytics & Data Mining
    2. Machine Learning
    3. Ensemble Methods
    4. Optimization Techniques
  • Data School Pgpdsbda Module II
    1. Big Data Analytics
    2. Forecasting Analytics
    3. Marketing Analytics
    4. Financial Analytics
    5. Retail Analytics
    6. Supply Chain Analytics
  • Data School Pgpdsbda Module III
    1. NLP
    2. Deep Learning

Lead Faculty

G R Chandrasekhar

G R Chandrasekhar
(Ph.D. - FRM, IIM-L; MBA - PGDM, IIM-B; B.E. - Osmania University)

His areas of interest & expertise are Data Science, Data Strategy, and Cybernetics. He is IBM Certified for Cognos, Infosphere BigInsights, Watson Analytics; Analytics Society of India certified for Machine Learning; and IEEE Computer Society certified for Deep Learning. He is also trained in Tensor Flow by The Data Incubator.

Sujit Bhattacharyya

Sujit Bhattacharyya
(MBA - PGDM, IIM-B; B.Tech. - IIT-KGP)

The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of CL Educate, he is also one of its co-founders. A hands-on technologist, he loves coding and spearheads all Data Science initiatives in his organization. He has developed a number of data-driven models for business; out of which one has been patented.

Program Partners

CL Educate
CL Educate

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