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5 Beginner-Friendly Steps To Learning Machine Learning

I am a beginner wanting to learn Machine Learning, where do I start?”

Well, fret not! Here we have compiled a list of five beginner-friendly steps to learning machine learning. First, let us know what Machine Learning is all about and why is so important in today’s technology-driven world!

Machine Learning is all about teaching computer systems how to learn from data to make actionable predictions. For it to operate seamlessly, the computers must be able to learn to identify patterns without being programmed to do so explicitly.

You can map it on the intersection between statistics and computer science. But it does have many different roles across different industries. You can find the application of Machine Learning in almost all the industries including financial institutions, healthcare, retail, FMCG, Education to name a few!

Now let’s head back to check out what are the five beginner-friendly steps to learn machine learning!

#1 Understanding The Pre-requisites: Learn Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus, Statistics

To start with, spend a few months learning linear algebra and multivariate calculus. Both of them play an important role in Machine Learning. Hence, you should be well versed in both these topics. In addition to that, also brush your concepts of Statistics. Statistics is all about collection, analysis, and presentation of the data and hence, there should be no surprise as to why statistics is important while learning machine learning.

#2 Learn Python, Data Science Tools, And Machine Learning Concepts


Next, go on to learning the Python language. Along with it, learn basic data science tools and machine learning concepts. Make sure you get expert guidance on these as they form the foundation of the Machine Learning. Practice a lot to get a hold of these concepts and their applications.

#3 Learn data analysis, manipulation & visualization

Once you’ve gotten command over Python and other Machine Learning tools, you may want to finetune your skills to manipulate data to fetch actionable insights. There are different tools like pandas, NumPy and Matplotlib which help in data analysis, manipulation, and visualization. It is difficult for humans to read numbers, hence visualization is one aspect that can be put to use in order to make data resourceful. While pandas can help you in making the data more structured, NumPy will help you in performing different numerical operations on the data that you have. Finally, Matpolib helps in making your data more visual by converting them into graphs.  For getting a complete understanding of Data Analytics, you can also join our comprehensive course viz Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Big Data Analytics.    

#4 Learn Machine Learning

So, now that you’ve learned Python and also have a fair bit of idea on providing structure to your data, arranging it and visualizing it, you have to learn about finding patterns in the data. While learning machine learning, focus on the kinds of machine learning problems that exist and the uses each of them are employed with. Also, learn about various Machine Learning algorithms and where they’re used. You don’t have to go about understanding each algorithm from scratch, just make yourself informed about the application of different machine learning algorithms.

#5  Read extra-curriculum Books

There are multiple offline and online learning modules on Machine Learning that you can explore to learn more about Machine Learning. If it is too overwhelming and you’re unable to cope with all the new terms that you don’t know about, you can enroll yourself in a Bootcamp course that may give you hands-on experience and rigorous training while you learn about the concepts. It will help you with step-by-step learning machine learning.

Where can I learn these skills?

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