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Know The Hype Behind Training on Machine Learning!

Machine Learning is the up and coming course alternative that is revolutionizing the way we function data! It is the science of learning to get the computers to act without actually being programmed explicitly. During the last ten years, machine learning has given us marvels like practical speech recognition, self-driving cars, effective searches on the web and an efficiently improved understanding of the human genome. In today’s world, Machine learning is so pervasive that we may use it dozens of times during the day without even realizing it which explains why training on machine learning is one of the most sought after courses. It has truly given hope to the researchers who now think that it is the best possible way to make progress towards human-level Artificial Intelligence! This makes getting hands-on training on machine learning an ideal career-upskilling that everyone needs!

What is Machine Learning And Why It Matters?

A branch of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) is essentially a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It works on the idea that the systems are capable of learning from the data, identifying patterns and making decisions with minimum intervention from humans.

Owing to the advancements in computing technologies, Machine Learning of the present times is much more evolved than ever before. ML was born from the concept of pattern recognition and the theory that computers can learn to perform certain tasks without being programmed, the researchers wanted to check whether or not computers can learn from the previous data. The iterative aspect of Machine Learning is what is of most interest today as models are exposed to the new data, they are able to independently adapt. They are able to learn from the previous computations to derive reliable, repeatable decisions and results. As a science, it is not new, but it has truly gained fresh momentum in today’s world.

Why Training On Machine Learning Is Relevant In Today's World?

So, why exactly training in machine learning is relevant in today's world! Surely, you would be living under a rock if you didn't know the following everyday interactions where machine learning comes into the picture!

  1. Got the recommendations on Amazon or Netflix?
  2. Ever talked to a Virtual Assistant on any Banking or Service platform?
  3. The much-hyped Google self-drive car! It is the essence of Machine Learning
  4. Traffic Predictions? Well, that’s AI doing the magic for you!
  5. Fraud Detection? One of the most important uses of ML and AI!

There are so many incredible ways in which Machine Learning is being used to make our everyday experiences more feasible! They are also helping the businesses to make informed decisions and optimize operations for enhancing their profitability.

Who's Using Machine Learning?

So, now that we know that machine learning involves an analysis of big volumes of data, it is quite obvious that industries who work on that proportion of data use Machine Learning. Some of the industries that make use of machine learning to work more efficiently or gain an edge over their competitors are:

  1. Financial Services: Banks and other financial institutions use Machine Learning for two key purposes - to identify crucial insights in data in order to analyze investment opportunities and to prevent and manage fraud.
  2. Retail: Retail websites in the likes of Amazon, eBay, Flipkart or Myntra recommending items based on your purchase history is one of the uses of Machine Learning employed by them. The retail industry relies on Machine Learning to capture data and analyze it in order to provide a personalized shopping experience to its customers.
  3. Healthcare: All thanks to wearable technology devices like Smartwatches and sensors that make use of data in order to assess the health of an individual in real time, Machine Learning has made its place and is a fast-growing trend in the healthcare industry too!
  4. Government: Being the largest network of bureaucracy, it is the government of any country that has the largest volume of data. They have multiple sources of data that can be mined to derive profitable insights such as ways to save money or increase efficiency.
  5. Transportation: Should you have seen a delivered on time or FREE gig by any service provider, you would instantly know how digitized the operations have been made! The modeling aspects of machine learning and data analysis are of great significance to delivery companies, public transportation, and other transportation organizations.

Career Options After Training On Machine Learning

The students learning machine learning will have ample opportunities ahead of them. Many of the behind-the-scenes operations are programmed using Machine Learning. Hence, training on Machine Learning is surely something that professionals must look forward to in order to upskill themselves. Some of the career prospects of Machine Learning include:

  1. Machine Learning Engineer - ML Engineer is someone who runs ML experiments employing languages such as Java, Python, and Scala, etc. Some of the skills that are required for this role are- a sound knowledge of programming languages, probability, system design, statistics, machine learning algorithms, etc. 
  2. Business Intelligence Developer - A Business Intelligence Developer is someone who collects, analyzes and interprets large volumes of data to produce actionable insights in order to enhance productivity and profitability of a business.
  3. Data Scientist: Touted as the hottest job of the century, a Data Scientist is someone who puts the theoretical knowledge of Machine Learning into practice. He uses advanced analytical technologies to collect, analyze and interpret large data sets in order to produce actionable insights.
  4. NLP Scientist: NLP stands for Natural Language Processing and it involves abling machines to understand human language. Such experiments have resulted in human to machine communication in human language possible. So, an NLP Scientist basically helps in the creation of a machine that can learn patterns of speech and also translate spoken words into other languages.
  5. Human-Centered Machine Learning Developer: Human-centered machine learning developer is someone who works on human-centered machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are centered around humans and help in fetching data based on behavior. A very relatable example can be the recommendations that we get on Netflix based on our watch-history.


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