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5 Best Big Data Analytics Tools In 2020

“Data is the new oil” is the new-age adage that every business swear by! Every business produces and consumes large volumes of data each day. While some of them let go of it unattended, others leverage the power that this data has by refining it, making it structured using tools in order to fetch actionable insights.

The data that is generated each day is as useless as unrefined oil if it is not made structured. Converting this data into meaningful information that can aid a business in making informed decisions is what constitutes big data analytics.

Thus, the role of big data analytics tools is to help refine big volumes of data to generated actionable insights. They help in identifying trends and patterns that can be further used by the business to make their operations more efficient, products more meaningful and marketing strategies more effective.

Let us look at 5 best big data analytics tools that will rule 2020!

#1 Xplenty

A cloud-based ETL solution provider, Xplenty works towards providing simple visualized data pipelines for automated data flows over a wide range of sources and destinations. The efficient on-platform transformation of Xplenty will help you in cleaning, normalizing and transforming the data while adhering to compliance best practices. Some of the advanced features of Xplenty include:

  1. Offers an efficient, code-free, on-platform data transformation
  2. Has a Rest API connector which can help in pulling in data from any source that may have a Rest API.
  3. Has destination flexibility which allows you to send data to any database or salesforce
  4. Provides field-level data encryption and masking in order to meet the compliance requirements.
  5. It is a customer-centric company leading with exceptional support.

#2 Talend

Talend is a big-data tool which helps in simplifying and automating the big-data integration. It transforms how the business handles its data from end to end. One of its major clients is Dominos. They have truly transformed their business using Talend. Some of the features of this tool are:

  1. It simplifies ELT and ETL for big data.
  2. Has agile DevOps that can help in speeding up big data projects.
  3. It offers smart data quality with machine learning and natural language processing.
  4. It provides a unified environment to collect, govern, transform and share data.

#3 Microsoft HDInsight

A Spark and Hadoop Service in the cloud, Microsoft Azure HDInsight offers big data cloud offerings in two categories viz Standard and Premium. This tool offers an enterprise-scale cluster for running the big-data workloads. Users can efficiently spin up big data clusters and scale them up or down in accordance with their usage needs. The best part? Pay only for what you use! Some of the features of this incredible tool are as under:

  1. Offers reliable analytics with an industry-leading service-level agreement.
  2. Offers enterprise graded data protection for monitoring purposes.
  3. Its integration with Azure Log Analytics helps in providing a single interface that can be accessed to monitor all the clusters.
  4. Supports multiple languages like Scala, R, Python, Javascript, and .NET enabling users to write code in their familiar languages.
  5. Various productivity tools like Visual Studio, Jupyter, Eclipse may be used.


Konstanz Information Miner (KNIME) is an open-source tool used for Business Intelligence, Enterprise reporting, integration and research, data mining, text mining, data analytics, and CRM. KNIME supports Linux, Windows Operating System, and OS X. Many big businesses like Canadian Tire, Johnson & Johnson, SIEMENS use their software. Some of the solutions offered by KNIME are:

  1. Customer Intelligence which includes analysis and prediction churning.
  2. Social Media Analysis includes sentiment and leader/follower analysis.
  3. In manufacturing, they offer energy usage prediction
  4. For efficient governance, they offer network traffic reporting, forest fire prediction, and actuarial tables.

#5 SkyTree

A big data analytics tool, SkyTree enables the data scientists to build more accurate models in a short span of time. SkyTree brings to its users’ accurate predictive machine learning models that are extremely easy to use. Some of the features of SkyTree include:

  1. It offers AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Data Scientists.
  2. Have highly scalable algorithms
  3. It allows the data scientists to visualize the data to understand the logic behind the machine learning decisions.


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