Some Prominent Branches of Engineering

Depending on what your interest are and where your aptitude really lies, the following are the prominent branches of engineering you can choose from:

Computer Science

The Most Sought after branch of engineering, it has played a pivotal role in enabling India to emerge as an IT Superpower, What's More, it also produces the highest paid engineers around. Computer Science engineers usually work in designing and building the actual hardware used in computers


Mechanical engineers have been instrumental in the designing and manufacturing of all kinds of objects, ranging from microscopic parts to gigantic gears, laser technology, biomedical devices, automated and robotic devices, among others.


Chemical engineers use their knowledge of chemistry to discover and manufacture better plastics, paints, fuels, fibers, medicines, fertilizers, semiconductors, paper and all kinds of chemicals.


Civil engineers are required to design it and execute the project whenever any kind of construction work is undertaken. Civil engineering projects include building houses, factories, bridges, dams, etc.

Electrical and Electronic

Triple-Es, as these engineers are commonly known as, design, develop, test and supervise the manufacturing of electronic and electrical equipment. Many Triple-Es also work in areas closely related to computers.

Other branches

Other branches of Engineering include Aeronautical, Aerospace, Materials, Textile, Agricultural Industrial and Production Mining, Genetic, Biomedical, Metallurgical, Ceramic and Biotechnology.


From Previous Years Toppers

Saumya Shivam,
(Rank 58, IIT '13)

Last two years have provided me the greatest learning experience in my life so far. Preparing for JEE helped me to sharpen my logical and critical thinking ability which is very useful in life in general. A great deal of credit goes to CL for whatever I have achieved. The classroom lectures were always made interesting by the knowledgeable, humble and witty faculty (Physics and Maths), who were extremely supportive as well. Fixed faculty helped me build a proper student-teacher relationship. Small batches and personalised attention helped as well. Thank you CL!!"

Kumar Rajput,
(AIR 131, IIT '10 and AIR 773, AIEEE '10)

The faculty members have helped me whenever I required their help. The support that they provided was fabulous.

Ashwin Verma,
(Rank 183, IIT '13)

I would like to thank all the teachers of CL who helped me throughout my journey. They helped me by guiding me and clearing all my doubts. They helped me in making the concepts crystal clear. The fundamental booklets of CL are very helpful and take-iff's proved to be a rich source of problems.

Rishabh Malviya,
(Rank 490, IIT '13)

Studying at Career Launcher was a great experience, and played a pivotal role in my selection to IIT. My teachers at Career Launcher put in every possible effort. They made sure my basics were crystal clear, and patiently cleared even the silliest of doubts. They gave me valuable tactical advice regarding which topic to study when, from where, and gave me only the best questions to do so that I didn't waste my time doing basic questions repetitively. They understood my pattern of learning, and taught me accordingly; never forcing or pressurizing me to do anything.