GMAT Exam Registration & GMAT Exam Fees

The GMAT Exam is a milestone in the life of many aspirants. It represents a chance at a better life and an escape from mediocrity and obscurity. Given this fact, it is obvious that the aspirants need to have as much information about the GMAT Exam as possible. One of the first things that candidates need to know about is the GMAT Exam Registration and consequently the GMAT Exam Fees.

There are always certain procedures that have to be completed for any entrance exam and it is no different with the GMAT Exam. The GMAT Exam has an online registration form like most entrance exams including the CAT Exam. Candidates who wish to appear for the GMAT Exam have to fill the GMAT Exam Registration form, pay the GMAT Exam fees, and choose the GMAT Exam Date to complete the procedural details. More details about the GMAT Exam Registration and the GMAT Exam Fees are given below.

GMAT Exam Registration

Given the fact that the GMAT Exam is a completely online entrance exam, it is logical that the GMAT Exam Registration has a completely online registration process as well. The steps for the GMAT Exam Registration include the creation of a profile for the GMAT Exam Registration.

  • The first step of the GMAT Exam Registration is to create the GMAT Exam Profile on the official website.
  • In order to register for the GMAT Exam, the first thing that the candidates needs to do is to create the login credentials. As can be seen, the candidate only needs a valid e-mail address in order to create the GMAT Exam Registration login credentials.
  • While creating the profile, the GMAC also asks the candidates whether they would like to receive some extra information such as information about the financial aid and recruiting procedures of the Business Schools as well as offers and promotions from GMAC. These details are optional for the candidates to fill during the GMAT Exam Registration.
  • The candidates also have the option of applying to colleges through the GMASS during the GMAT Exam Registration. It is a platform where the colleges that have signed up will be able to examine the profiles of the consenting students and communicate with them directly. It includes information about the GMAT Exam Score that the candidate received (in a broad range) as well as certain profile information and the target year when they wish to join a Business School.
  • ¬†¬†After logging into the GMAT Exam Registration, the candidate is asked to fill in a few personal details which requires similar data as the login information i.e. the name and the email address. Apart from this, the address details and communication details are asked which include the phone numbers and the language preferences.
  • Following the personal details section, the profile details have to be filled out by the candidate. These details include the candidate's date of birth, Gender and the languages that their native languages. The details of the undergraduate program and the work experience. The final part of the profile details includes the career aspirations of the candidate. These details are shared to the GMASS associated colleges for them to reach out to you.
  • The aforementioned details allows the candidates to create the MBA Profile for the GMAT Exam Registration.

Once the candidate has created the profile for the GMAT Exam Registration, the procedure to register for the actual GMAT Exam begins. This includes:

  • Finding the exam center near your location to give the GMAT Exam.
  • Finalizing the GMAT Exam Date.
  • Paying the GMAT Exam Fees to finish the procedure of the GMAT Exam Registration.

These steps should help the candidate easily complete their GMAT Exam Registration which rarely has any glitches or issues. The procedure is very similar to the NMAT Registration Process which is handled by GMAC as well.

Another thing that candidates need to learn about in some details is the GMAT Exam Fee.

GMAT Exam Fee

In order to appear for the GMAT Exam, the candidates need to complete the GMAT Exam Registration which requires the candidate to pay the GMAT Exam fees. The GMAT Exam Fees are considered quite expensive in most countries which leads to lower number of people appearing for the test. A consequence of the high GMAT Exam fees is that the candidates who do appear for the test are in general better prepared in comparison to the test takers in CAT or other Indian Entrance Exams.

The GMAT Exam Fees for each candidate include:

  • The GMAT Exam Fees for scheduling an exam is $250
  • While the scheduling is usually done online, it can be done via a call to the GMAT Customer Service as well. This would cost an additional $10 for the candidate.

Since the GMAT Exam gives the candidate an option of retaking the exam, there are additional charges associated with it as well. These charges include:

  • The charges for the GMAT Exam are constant at $ 250.
  • If the candidate wishes to reschedule their exam, there is an additional charge of $60 if they exam is rescheduled over a week prior to the GMAT Exam Date.
  • If the candidate wishes to reschedule the exam within a week of the original GMAT Exam Date, the candidate has to pay the entire amount of $250 again.

The candidates also have the option of canceling their GMAT Exam Appointment. There can be two outcomes for the cancellation of the GMAT Exam Appointment:

  • If the candidate cancels the exam over a week before the appointment, $80 would be refunded.
  • If the candidate cancels within a week of the appointment, there is no refund.

One might think that the above mentioned circumstances would be the extent of the GMAT Exam fees but they would be woefully wrong. After the exam, the candidate is allowed to send their report to 5 colleges for free. If they wish to send their GMAT Exam Score to more institutes, the candidate has to shell out an additional $35 per additional report. In addition to this, there is an enhanced GMAT Report which is available. This report would cost the candidate an additional $30.

The GMAC gives the candidate an option of cancelling their GMAT Score immediately after the GMAT Exam. This, ironically, costs the candidate another $25 with the reinstatement of the cancelled score requiring another $25. There is even option of rescoring the AWA Essay which would end up costing the candidate another $50.

The maximum amount that a candidate could have to pay due to the GMAT Exam Fees is:

GMAT Exam Fees Cost (in $)
Application $260.00 (via phone)
Rescheduling Charge $60.00
Score Cancellation $25
Score Reinstatement $50
AWA Rescoring $50
Additional Score Reports $175 (for 5 Reports)
Total $620.00

This is the maximum GMAT Exam Fees that a candidate could have to shell out without cancelling the exam within 7 days of the GMAT Exam Appointment. These amounts do not include the amount that the candidate would spend on the GMAT Preparation.

GMAT Exam Fees Payment Methods

The one thing that the GMAT Exam gives full convenience in is the payment of the GMAT Exam Fees. The GMAT Exam Fees can be paid online via the:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

The payment can also be done via the Cashier's Check, Money Order, and Personal Checks. The GMAT Exam does take certain precautions for the payment of the GMAT Exam Fees.

  • If the payment does not go through, the GMAT Exam Appointment is not set. Therefore the candidate needs to confirm that their payment has gone through in order to confirm their GMAT Exam Appointment.
  • If it is found that the payment has been made through illegal means, the GMAT Exam Appointment stands cancelled. The GMAT Exam Fees stand revoked this point and it is up to the candidate to ensure that they make a valid payment to book another GMAT Appointment.


The GMAT Exam Registration and the GMAT Exam Fees are the basic procedural steps that the candidate has to follow in order to set up their GMAT Appointment. They seem like trivial details but form an important part of the set up to ensure that the candidate is able to attempt the GMAT Exam smoothly.

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