Depending on the availability of GMAT exam dates, candidates can register in accordance to their preferred test date across the year. The registration can be done both online and offline as per the candidate's convenience. Although admissions are throughout the year, business programs tend to vary according to institutes, hence, it behooves to set and plan the exam date in accordance to the interested institute's admission deadline. The registration process for GMAT exam can be done as early as 6 months prior to the preferred date. Below are the steps to register for GMAT exam:

  • Create an account with the official GMAT website
  • Once the account is created, fill in the details and complete the details for GMAT exam profile.
  • After the test date and country/location is chosen, the candidate has to pay a fee of US $240.
  • In case, a candidate opts for options other than online, they can do it by phone or through postal mail.
  • For candidates who prefer phone registration can call the GMAT customer service for registration but with an extra charge of US $10 (in addition to US $250).
  • For candidates who prefer to register through Postal Mail will have to pay the fee via cheque or money order.

In case of cancellation, or rescheduling, or retaking GMAT exam, the candidate has to pay a certain amount of cancellation/rescheduling fee. If a candidate cancels his exam under a given deadline, a refundable but partial fee of US $80 is given back.

  • To cancel, log in to and click on "cancel GMAT exam".
  • To reschedule, go to the main website and click on 'Reschedule your GMAT Exam.'
  • After the instructions and details are given, candidates have to pay an extra fee of US $50 as a rescheduling fee (if the candidate picks a new date that falls more than 7 days away from the initial picked date).
  • Should a candidate wish to choose a date within 7 days from the initially picked date, the candidate is liable to pay US $250.
  • Candidates applying for GMAT exam can retake the test only after a gap of 16 days.
  • Candidates can retake GMAT exams up to 5 times in a year.

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