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Career Launcher Jaipur prepares students aiming for CLAT, LAW, BBA/IPM, BANK/SSC, and CAT Programs. Career Launcher offers Adaptive Teaching Methods where every student is taught in their way of understanding. Now Solve even the Complicated questions with ease and at less time with the help of CL teaching methods.Every student of Career Launcher is given personalised attention and given instant clarification on their queries. Do you know It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage with the change". We prepare you for the change!!

Batch Details

Product Title Batch Description Batch ID Target Exam Year Product Price (INR) + GST Action
LST BulletMON, WED, FRI (11:00 - 14:00)353181202160000Enroll Now
LST PlusSaturday(06:00 - 08:00),Sunday(06:00 - 08:00) (6:00 - 8:00)341585202080000Enroll Now
MBA Classic (Weekday)TUE, THU, FRI (17:00 - 19:00)338380202070000Enroll Now
MBA Classic (Weekday)TUE, THU, FRI (17:00 - 19:00)338340202070000Enroll Now
MBA Classic (Weekday)TUE, THU, FRI (17:00 - 19:00)338379202070000Enroll Now
MBA Classic (Weekday)TUE, THU, FRI (17:00 - 19:00)338418202070000Enroll Now
MBA Classic (Weekday)TUE, THU, FRI (17:00 - 19:00)338420202070000Enroll Now
MBA Classic (Weekday)TUE, THU, FRI (17:00 - 19:00)338339202070000Enroll Now
MBA Classic (Weekend)TUE, THU, FRI (17:00 - 19:00)338339202070000Enroll Now

Why Career Launcher?

Career Launcher focuses on diverse segments of education across the learners of multiple age-groups. It is led by a team of highly qualified professionals, including IIT-IIM alumni, with a passion for excellence in education, and has been focusing on shaping the lives and careers of many students since 1995. Over these years, the Career Launcher brand has diversified and established itself as a recognized brand in the education sector.

At Career Launcher, we 'enable individuals to realize their potential and achieve their dreams'. This is our core ideology and is firmly grounded on our focus on academic excellence, technological innovation, and domain expertise built over years. We operate across a broad spectrum of segments in the education industry, including test preparation and vocational training.

CL Programs

We provide extensive training programs for students. Every program is designed in such a way that nurtures students from the scrap and prepare them systematically to pursue their dreams. Career Launcher Jaipur offers the following training programs.


Banking Coaching Programs, Our Banking coaching program is perfect to help you succeeding through all leading banking entrance exam.


IPM/BBA/HM Coaching Programs, We have varieties of programs to make your preparation convenient and complete


Law Coaching Programs, Leaders in law entrance exams coaching with 6/Top 10 ranks in CLAT'18 || 6/Top 10 ranks in AILET'18. Enroll with us and ace all law entrance exams!


One-stop solution to crack MBA entrance exams, Our programs are developed and run by industry experts which make your preparation convenient & complete


Over 50+ programs to make your preparation convenient and complete


SSC Coaching Program, CL offers comprehensive coaching program with extensive classroom sessions, updated study material & tests as per latest pattern\

Meet our team at CL

Mr  Piyush Vats

Mr Piyush Vats

Mr Piyush Vats is a mechanical Engineer and an MBA from the prestigious IMT Ghaziabad. He is the director of CL Educate Jaipur. After his MBA in marketing he worked with Genpact. He soon realised his passion for mentoring students and since than has guided more than 5000 students on the path of career in management and law. He is a history buff and loves interacting with the students.

Siddharth Jain

Siddharth Jain

Siddharth is an alumnus on NMIMS Mumbai. He is director of CL Educate Limited Jaipur. He has been mentoring students for various management and law entrance programmes. He is a avid book reader and loves to read autobiographies and memoirs.

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