NEET 2020: Exam Analysis

The NTA successfully conducted NEET 2020 on September 13, 2020 in 3,843 centers across 155 cities. Over 13.52 lakh students appeared for the exam. Authorities followed all the safety procedures, which included handing out new masks to the candidates. Although, the test-takers were allowed to take off their gloves while writing the paper, but they had to keep their masks on.

As far as the difficulty level of the NEET 2020 paper is considered, overall, it was moderate to difficult. Biology was considered easy, but tricky; Chemistry was also easy, but Physics was moderately difficult.

In Chemistry, there were a total of 21 questions from Class XI syllabus and 24 questions from Class XII syllabus. Most of the Physics questions were formula based, and not many of them required calculations. The theoretical questions were easy. Attempting 35+ questions in Physics was possible by anyone who had prepared well.

The Biology portion was moderately-difficult, as all the questions were directly from NCERT. The level of questions was easy; but as some of them were of cross analysis, they were time consuming. Several questions were based on plant & animal physiology, and cell structure & function. One would require a deep understanding of the subject to score well. In addition, one question was incorrect; so, the students who attempted it might get bonus marks.

You can download the question paper and answer key from the below links.