Sections to be covered

Quantitative Ability

Learn the easier, smarter and quicker way to ace the Quant section.

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

Learn to identify the correct answer and eliminate close options quicker using clues provided.

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Learn to connect the dots and use the question itself for answers and other such tricks.

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  • Event schedule may be updated, so please check back to ensure that you don't miss out on any session.
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  • The session should be attended live, recording of the session will not be provided.
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6 hours for 60 marks

Witness unorthodox ways to increase efficiency in our Race to 99%ile series.

Meet top B-Schools

Interact with representatives from ISB, IIMs, IBS & other premier B-Schools.

Interact with Gurus

Learn smart tips & tricks from our CAT Gurus like GP, ARKSS & GB.

Watch and Learn!

Learn from and engage with CAT mentors, such as GP, ARKSS, GB and Gejo. They will not just tell you how to approach the exam, or each question, but show you how to do so. Through an interactive session, we will walk you through examples and sample questions. Demonstrating what we teach, together we will solve these sample questions and you will be able to experience the smarter, CL-way of cracking CAT.

Session Schedule




07-11-2020 (Saturday)

Smart Quant Cracker

10:00 Hours

07-11-2020 (Saturday)

Smart VARC Cracker

12:00 Hours

08-11-2020 (Sunday)

Smart DILR Cracker

10:00 Hours

08-11-2020 (Sunday)

Cracking CAT- 3 Week Strategy

12:00 Hours

CAT Gurus

Gautam Puri

IIM Bangalore

Known for his wit and style, GP makes the big CAT easy to trap. From poor grades in school to India's leading Aptitude Guru, GP sure knows how to make things turn around. Watch him, follow him and learn from him, for, he has all the golden rules you would need to bell the CAT.

ARKS Srinivas
President & CEO | MBA Group

IIM Calcutta

ARKS Srinivas is an extremely popular mentor and a great motivator, he has successfully guided thousands of students towards success in CAT. He will not just 'tell' you how to approach the exam, but also 'show' you how to do so!

Gautam Bawa
Vice President

IIM Calcutta

High on energy, numbers and cricket, he will always hold your attention and interest. Learn with GB the art of cracking all MBA entrance exams. Watch him solve questions, give whacky solutions and tell you what you need to do to get into your dream B-school. Make sure to make a note of what he has to say.

Gejo Sreenivasan
Student Mentor

IIM Calcutta

There is no CAT question that Gejo can't solve and every class with him is power-packed with superb learning, interesting facts, jokes and a lot of positive energy. He keeps the interest of students rolling by presenting the topic through interesting angles. His classes are sure to leave you dazzled.

Student Testimonials

Dishant Shahi Final selection: IIM-A in CAT 2018

The journey within Career Launcher was a memorable experience. I cherished every moment spent within the class. Career Launcher not only prepared me for the B-School, but life beyond it, through traits of undying optimism, vision, and worldly wisdom.

Ridhima Gupta Calls converted in CAT 2018: IIM-B, C, L

The Test Series prepared me extremely well for CAT. The PDP is one of the best in the country. I couldn't have converted the top IIM calls without Career Launcher.

Ankit Thakur Final selection: XLRI-HRM in XAT 2019

If you aim to crack the entrance exams, many institutes can make you do that, but if your vision of success involves getting into a dream B-School and have a thrilling lifelong journey even after that, then join Career Launcher. Because, in the end, it's all about how you know yourself better; and Career Launcher enables you to do that.