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Why GK is important for SSC CGL aspirants?

Historically, General Awareness/General Studies have been considered as the weak subject of the maximum chunk writing the SSC CGL examination. Whatever the subject is, a bright candidate thinks of targeting 40+ marks in it but when it comes to GA/GS, his target boils down to 20 marks or so.

In fact, because of this a lot of bright minded candidates suffer in the main examination as this subject holds them back. Through these 22 Online sessions, we have tried to help students to come over this weakness and start targeting 40+ marks in GS as well.

Do not forget, the final score will be sum of Tier I and Tier II, which means GA/GS is as important as any other subject.

  • Accessible online

    With 22 video sessions, experience learning at your home without any hassle of travelling distances or cities.

  • Subject experts from pan-India

    Now, learn from the various subject experts from all around the country, right in the confines of your home.

  • Learn at your pace

    Revisit the video sessions, endless number of times, as the online GK video lessons are always accessible to you. So there is no way you will miss a class.

How the program works?

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CL's Online GK classes for SSC CGL 2016 program comprised of 22 sessions that take you through each subject topic in great detail. Ideal for those who can't visit a CL centre, the program ensures that you don't miss out on the important topics and concepts ahead of your exams. These sessions are designed and delivered by the CL Gurus and the expert CL faculties from around the country.

The program commences on the 5th April 2016.

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Program Pricing

GK Online Classes for SSC CGL 2016

Program Name Hours Doubt Solving Fee Fee for CL Students (Loyalty offer*) Enroll Now
Online GK Full Pack 44 hours Rs. 2499 Rs. 1874 Coming soon
Physics GK Pack 6 hours Rs. 399 Rs. 299 Coming soon
Chemistry GK Pack 4 hours Rs. 299 Rs. 224 Coming soon
Biology GK Pack 10 hours Rs. 599 Rs. 449 Coming soon
History GK Pack 6 hours Rs. 399 Rs. 299 Coming soon
Economics GK Pack 4 hours Rs. 299 Rs. 224 Coming soon
Geography GK Pack 8 hours Rs. 499 Rs. 374 Coming soon
Polity GK Pack 6 hours Rs. 399 Rs. 299 Coming soon

Disclaimer: *The Loyalty offer is valid for students who have purchased any program worth Rs. 499/- & above from CL


Q: What is the duration of the Online Classroom Programme (OCP)?

A: A total of 22 sessions will be done by May first week giving you enormous amount of time to practice even more, strategize and ponder over everything you did many times before the exam.

Q: How can I solve my query/doubts?

A:In case you have a doubt, you may write into support@careerlauncher.comand your doubt shall be cleared within 72 hours.

Q: I am already a CL student. Can I purchase Online GK Classes now?

A: Surely. Our CL students who have purchased any product worth Rs. 499/- & above in the past, are eligible for a 25% discount on Online GK Classes. Just fill in your enrollment ID and enjoy the benefit.

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