Why International Education

The following are sound reasons for pursuing education in prestigious International Universities

Highly ranked Universities:Most of the universities that you hear about, or will aspire to be in and where many Indian students regularly get admitted to are definitely ranked far higher than any of the Indian Institutions in the global rankings, for all the following reasons.

Choice of Courses:The best of the international universities offer such a varied choice of flexible programmes wherein you can pick and choose courses / electives not limited to the courses that B-School offers. One can pick courses from varied departments of the university based on your interests. In universities like Harvard you can pursue even dual degrees like MBA-MPIP .

Exposure to global environment:Most of these universities are trend-setters in technology or management education, for that matter in every possible subject area-approach and pedagogy; faculty are bolstered by the sharp intellect that have contributed immensely to research, frameworks, even created paradigm shifts in each of the areas. The institution-industry engagement hence is of very high standard, there by offering exposure to world class innovation, research or work environment.

All round development:Most of the programs attract students from varied countries, cultures and work experiences; the opportunity such an intense and engaging environment offers is beyond compare from the perspective of personal development.

Home to the Best Companies:The best of the universities are in the vicinity of largest business districts or manufacturing hubs of the world that is home for the best of the Companies. Actually many of these universities have been the cradle for many of these world class companies when they were conceived and nurtured, to the extent that, the universities even have stakes in these companies.

Global Citizen:Most of the graduates, if competent and keen, are gobbled by the corporate to be posted in countries across the world. A few years in any of these corporate makes you a global citizen, exposed to varied challenges across geographical boundaries.

Higher Return on Investment:Though the fees that you pay for these programs are multiple of what you invest for programs in India, including IITs, IISc, IIMs etc, the kind of salaries that are offered to the graduates from these institutions are so huge that a graduate from an Indian institution will take a decade or so to match the salaries offered even at the campus placements of the overseas schools. Your returns are in the range of 3 to 4 multiples of your investment of the program.

Here is a dekko of Global MBA, Fees Vs Avg Salary -(2014)




Avg Salary

Duration (mths)

Harvard, US


USD 53,500.00

USD 1,87,223.00


Stanford, US


USD 57,300.00

USD 1,94,645.00




GBP 57,500.00

GBP 1,60,988.00




Euro 59,500.00

Euro 1,53,992.00