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Top MIM colleges in Europe: International Ranking

"If adventures do not befall you in your own village, you must seek them abroad." -Jane Austen

For those who have a knack for travelling and aspire to study amid the myriad sights and undeniably gorgeous beauty of Europe, here is a consolidation of some of the Top MIM Colleges in Europe. In this article, you would attain the complete information about the top MIM colleges of Europe based on standardized international rankings and overall GMAT score to let you get going on an adventure of pursuing masters from top tier European Universities.

Each year, a plethora of candidates gather information regarding their targeted master's program across various concerned streams. A silent majority of these candidates look out for studying in Europe. And why shouldn't they? Europe has got a weighted number of business schools that offer the prestigious MIM (Master’s in Management) program, in keeping with the ecological diversity and proximity of all of its countries. Students can opt for either MIM/MA/MSc programs in countries like France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden and more. More and more European countries and B-Schools have been starting to show their inclination towards Indian aspirants. Also, some of the institutions in Europe have been accredited by the top accreditation organizations e.g. AMBA, EQUIS AND AASCB. Moreover, these universities have received notable mentions by ranking publishers like The Quint, CEO World Magazine and Financial Times.

Keep in mind that GMAT is a mandate for most MIM programs. However, it is always advisable to provide a GMAT score given the high number of incoming applications and competition. The compilation of the universities based on their international rankings is provided below:

Rank University/College Program Location Average GMAT Tuition Fee Tuition Fee (INR)
1 University of St Gallen Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management Switzerland 650+ CHF 3326 Rs 261105
2 HEC Paris HEC MSc in Management France 700+ €36,000 Rs 2982501
3 Essec Business School MSc in Management France 600+ €31,000 Rs 2568265
4 Cems Master's in international management *multiple members Varies $10,000 Rs 761800
5 Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University MSc in International Management Netherlands 640 €22,664 Rs 1877485
6 London Business School Master's in management UK 700+ £27,500 Rs 2589218
7 ESCP Europe ESCP Europe master's in management France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy 670+ €17,900 Rs 1482639
8 WHU Beisheim MSc in Management Germany 600+ €23,600 Rs 1954764
9 University of Bocconi MSc in International Management Italy 650+ €22,000 Rs 1822238
10 IE Business School Master's in management Spain 670 €30,200 Rs 2501435

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Top MIM colleges in Europe: Overview of MIM

MIM Programs in Europe are full-time degree programs that are typically focused over general management domains. However, there are a few exceptions which provides students the opportunity to go for domain-specific specializations. As a Europe-bound aspirant, you can also reach out for several alternatives to pursue business-focused programs I.e M.Sc. Finance, a Master of Accounting, MS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, or a master’s degree in Sustainability, among other options. 

MIM is also offered through distance mode and the graduates can help their career transition into a techno-managerial associate for e.g. financial manager, project manager, supply chain associate or consultant. Since MSc and MIM programs are degrees in general management, they can be adapted to a wide range of industries, including financial services, energy/gas, and the technology sector, etc.

Benefits of Pursuing MIM

There are a few benefits of master's in international management stated as under:

MIM Job Prospects

If we try to compare MBA and MIM, we will arrive at a conclusion that each of these degrees is a league of its own. So, the employers view candidates of both the programs as different appointing pipelines. According to the surveys conducted by the 2014 HEC publishers, the two main sectors that employ MIM degree holders are:

While companies recruit MIM Graduates for several positions related to analysts, project leaders and manager, they scavenge for MBA graduates to fill specific mid-level to senior managerial positions. MIM graduates have an enhanced opportunity when it comes to placements due to the mobility factor that is considered by recruiters. They can learn fast and take risks and can easily adapt to diverse working spaces.

Average Salaries after MIM

MIM is electively a newer program that has gained excessive predominance in the last few years. The annual starting salaries of students from top 10 B-Schools ranged between $68,000 (CEMS) and $98,000 (WHU Beisheim).  According to financial times, students from IIM-A, B and C received between $92,000 and $99,000, and salaries of MIM graduates in the US are around $61,000 for those with less than a year’s experience, $68000 for those with 5-10 years of experience and $86,000 - $101,000 for those with 10-19 years of work experience. This degree holds maximum relevance if a candidate has pursued graduation in a technical domain. Top corporates offer internship to students and improve their chances as a potential job applicant by gaining valuable work experience.

Other Premier MIM colleges in Europe

Most popular countries: Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Netherlands

Most popular cities: Mannheim, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Paris, Maastricht, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Cologne

  1. Esade Business School
    Barcelona, Spain
    MSc in International Management (Strategic alliances with CEMS and PIM)
    USD $74,869
  1. Stockholm School of Economics-
    MSc in International Business
    USD $75,792
  1. WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
    Wein, Austria
    Master's in international management (Strategic alliances with CEMS and PIM)
    USD $71,005
  1. University of Mannheim
    Mannheim, Germany
    Mannheim master's in management
    USD $93,478
  1. Imperial College Business School
    London, UK
    MSc in Management
    USD $66,276<
  1. WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
    Vallendar, Germany
    MSc in Management
    USD $106,172
  1. Edhec Business School
    Lille-Nice, France
    Edhec master's in management
    USD $68,708
  1. Shanghai Jiao Tong University- Antai- China
    Master In Management Science and Engineering
    USD $73,245
  1. Indian Institute of Management,
    Post Graduate Programme in Management
    USD $12-,636
  1.  Kuzminski University
    Warsaw, Poland
    Master in Management
    USD $74, 576


MIM is an educational avant-garde which has been a tool of attention with companies worldwide. As MIM is a degree program which is majorly offered by European Universities, its predominance has been on constant rise within the continent. Mostly, MIM is all about the managerial and leadership strategies across a range of industry settings. Also, for people who want to transition into a different domain (from science to management) or want to add some extra teeth to their graduation program can opt for MIM. As MIM is offered by some of the best schools, it has a competent brand position and the school can go on a long way to tweak your future prospects. So, if you are an ambitious young person, wanting to make it big in the business field, at an early age, well MIM is the degree for you.