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If you are a working professional & CAT repeater
CL's Night Classes is probably your best bet!

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  • Live & interactive sessions

    Night Classes brings to you 60+ live sessions of 2 hours each by CL expert faculty team. Get answers to your queries and discuss with experts.

  • Get taught by the best faculty

    Learn concepts @ home; live, by GP, Gejoor Shivku from across India. Learn smarter approach to the trickiest of problems.

  • Get Social@CL

    Be a member of CL's Night Classes WhatsApp closed group. Discuss tricky and time consuming questions with peers and faculty within the group and explore myriad ways to solve them.

  • Study at your own pace

    CAT Night Classes aims to facilitate fast learning experience within the confines of your home. Didn't understand the concept taught in the Night Classes session? Don't worry. You can view the recorded session video again. Repeat, revise and refer to the e-books. You will not miss a concept again.

  • All in one module- Smart CAT Cracker, Test Series & Test Gym

    Night Classes comprehensive plus offers Smart CAT Cracker with 240 video lessons at your fingertips. Our CAT Test Series (30 Mocks) and Test Gym (Over 5000 practice questions) make you adept across all sections of the exam.

  • MBA-on-Demand & CAT e-books

    MBA-on-Demand (MOD) videos allow you to revise and revisit basic concepts of Quant and English. Iron out the basic concepts through CL's CAT study material as e-books.

How the program works?


MOD keeps you well informed about which session is lined up next. Brush up your basics by viewing the MBA-on-Demand videos pertaining to that topic.


Study that topic from the Fundabook and solve the examples and the level-1 problems to strengthen your conceptual understanding.

Virtual Classroom

Attend the online session by the CL Gurus. The session entails previous year exam problems and other questions to get the best possible understanding of their application in the trickiest of problems.

Smart CAT Cracker

Accelerate your learning by picking up a few tricks fromthe Smart CAT Cracker. Improve your speed and accuracy by solving the tests given at the end of each video.

Test Gym Lite

Test Gym Lite enables you to build on your test-taking strategy by taking a topic test.Topic tests complement your preparation by providing questions of varying levels of difficulty.

Test Gym Classic

Augment your preparation by taking sectional tests in the Test Gym Classic. Assess your performance in each section and start ironing out your weaknesses..


CL's CAT mocks simulate the experience of the real exam. Analyze each mock to find out your strengths and weaknesses and improve your performance with every mock you take.


CAT 2017

Attend the webinars and run-up-to-CAT sessions by GP and team to gain valuable insights into test-taking strategy.



Make the most of the PDP sessions to get mentored by the CL Gurus for the stage-2 of the selection process.


Dream B-school

With all the hard-work you have put in, make it to the top B-school of your choice


CAT Night Classes programmes for CAT 2017

Program Name Live sessions Smart CAT Cracker 2017 CAT Test Series & Test Gym ebooks Power PDP (video sessions) Price
Offer Price till 31st March Fee for Current SCC student(On MRP) Fee for Ex-CL student(On MRP) Fee for IIM Call Getter/Category Student(On MRP) Fee for CAT CR TY'17 /NC TY'16 student(On MRP) Enroll Now
CAT '17 Night Classes 60+ - - Yes 21 24,999 23,749 13749 18,749 18,749 8,999 Enroll Now
CAT '17 Night Classes + Test Series + Test Gym 60+ - Yes Yes 21 30,999 28,674 17049 23,249 23,249 12,499
(Only for NC '16 students)*
Enroll Now
CAT '17 Night Classes Comprehensive 60+ Yes - Yes 21 34,999 31,499 - 26,249 26,249 13,499 Enroll Now
CAT'17 Night Classes Comprehensive Plus
60+ Yes Yes Yes 21 39,999 33,999 - 29,999 29,999 14,999
(Only for NC '16 students)*
Enroll Now


1. The night classes sessions might have an overlap with the regular classroom sessions in terms of content. The solutions provided will be the smartest, however overlap will be evident.

2.You can upgrade to hard copies of Books & Material by paying an additional fee of Rs. 4999/-

3. CL Fundabooks will be provided to you as e-books in the e-pub format. Please install our mobile App to download the e-books to be able to study in offline mode.

4. The e-books App is currently available in Android version only. The iOS version would be available soon.


Q:What is the duration of the Night Classes?

A:CAT Night Classes offers 60+ sessions, which are expected to be covered by June'17, thereby giving you ample time to practice, strategize and revisit concepts many times before the exam.

Q:With a big batch size of students, will I even benefit from this program?

A:Yes, you would. Larger batch size enables you to interact and study with the sharpest and the brightest minds of the country get together. This gives you the flexibility to understand multiple aspects of the topic. This certainly doesn't stop you from clarifying your doubts.

Q:How will I access MBA-on-Demand and Smart CAT Cracker?

A:Student Information System is an online learning dashboardwhich gives you access to learning tools such as Test Gym, Vocabulary Builder, GK Updates, Mocks and their analysis.

MBA-on-Demand and Smart CAT Cracker can be accessed by logging on to your SIS account. Both the products are listed under the 'Learn' tab. Your Smart CAT Cracker login credentials will be mailed to you as soon as you purchase the product.

MBA-on-Demand entails 120 hours of videos explaining basic concepts of Quant and English. This would solidify your foundation for your CAT prep.

Q: Will the sessions be interactive?

A:Yes! The idea of online sessions is to simulate the classroom experience wherein you can interact with the faculty during the class and ask your doubts. You can get answers to your queries through chat. In case you have a doubt later on, you can write to and your doubt shall be cleared within 72 hours. You can also accumulate your doubts and write in once a fortnight.

Q:How is the CAT'17 Night Classroom Program different from the MBA Personalised program?

A:Night Classes is designed specifically for working professionals, hostelers or those CAT aspirants who may have attempted or prepared for MBA entrances earlier and are unable to join a classroom program at a center. Moreover, it is an online program. Night Classes allows you to study from the comfort of your room, get mentored by the legendary CL Gurus and faculties from pan-India.

Q:What is the pedagogy of the Night Classes Program?

A:Night Classes program is centered previous year exam problems and other questions to get the best possible understanding of their application in the trickiest of problems.

Meet the core faculty

Gautam Puri
Aptitude Guru
Co-Founder: Career Launcher
IIM Bangalore Alumnus
Chief Academic officer
IIM Calcutta Alumnus
R Sreenivasan
Chief Customer Officer
IIMB Bangalore Alumnus
Gautam Bawa
MBA Head
99.97% in CAT 2012
IIM Calcutta Alumnus
IIT Madras & IIM Calcutta Alumnus
FMS Delhi Alumnus

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