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Performance begins with practice. Appearing for CL's full length CAT Mocks gives you the much-needed practice. The success of our students over the years is built on consistent performance in our Mocks.

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Updated as per the latest CAT pattern

The pattern of CAT can be predicted with a reasonable accuracy on the basis of the IIM that is going to conduct CAT! With insights from the previous year CAT paper and assessment of section wise trends in:
  • Difficulty level : At what score can you score 99%ile in QA
  • Question type: How many TITA vs MCQ type of questions
  • Data sets: Logic based DI or DI and LR as stand-alone sets
  • Topic wise composition of papers: Did you know that there have been only 2-3 questions from Modern Math in the CAT papers of the last 2-3 years
CL team prepares Mocks that are updated as per the latest CAT.

Level of difficulty created by design!

Students say our mocks are probably closest to CAT.
The difficulty level of CL mocks is by design and not by accident. CL faculty members across the country appear for CAT year on year. They bring key insights about the paper and help us understand the pattern, section wise difficulty level, question type, user interface and testing platform.

Graphical performance analysis

Data driven. Built with advance analytics.
Analyzing your CAT mocks is key to your success. Our student performance analytics is data driven. The academic team factors in deep insights into question wise trends of thousands of aspirants across the country. As a result, we can analyze your attempt in detail and help you improve your performance.

Simulates actual testing platform

Feels real. Gives you the edge!
CL Mocks help you simulate the actual CAT experience 30 times. After all, when you appear for the actual CAT you should feel like playing at the home ground.
Get started and experience how the real CAT experience is, today!

CAT Mock Analysis is now New and Improved!

What if I hadn't wasted time doing the questions that are not my strengths? Which question should I have skipped? How much would I have scored had I not solved those questions? How much did my mistakes cost me?

These are all the questions that come to our minds when we view our test's report card. With the aim of answering all these questions and to help students to make their analysis more meaningful, the following 4 analytics have been introduced:

Programs, Pricing & Offers!

Rs 3,999
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CAT '17 Test Series
30 CAT Mock Tests
MRP: Rs 4,999
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Rs 6,034
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CAT+ Non-CAT + Test Gym
30 CAT Mocks, 40 Non-CAT Mocks
Test Gym with over 5000 Practice Questions
MRP: Rs 8,499
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Rs 11,359
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CAT+ Non-CAT + Test Gym + MBA Books & Material
30 CAT Mocks, 40 Non-CAT Mocks
Test Gym with 5000+ Practice Questions
5 Packets of MBA Preparation Books
MRP: Rs 15,999
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Choose from the other MBA Test Series packs

Programs Mocks in Proctored Mode Mocks in Unproctored Mode Master Test Series Non CAT Mocks Test Gym Price (MRP incl. of GST) Offer Price till August 27 Fee for Current CAT TS Student Loyalty Fee Waiver** Other IIMs Call Getter / Category Student Fee Waiver Enroll now
Non CAT Test Series - - - 35 - 3499 2974 2499 2624 2624 Enroll now
CAT+Non CAT+Test Gym - Basic 12 - - 15 3500+ ques 4499 3712 - 3374 3374 Enroll now
CAT+XAT Test Series 15 5 10 8 (only XAT) - 5999 4499 - 4349 4349 Enroll now
CAT Test Series+Test Gym 15 5 10 - 7500+ ques + 8 mocks 6999 5249 - 5074 5074 Enroll now
CAT Test Series+ XAT Test Series + Test Gym 15 5 10 8 (only XAT) 7500+ ques + 8 mocks 7749 5812 - 5618 5618 Enroll now
CAT Test Series + Non CAT Test Series +Test Gym+ Books & Material Comprehensive 15 5 10 35 7500+ ques + 8 mocks 16999 12069 - 11899 11899 Enroll now


  • Please note:
  • Loyalty Offer is for Ex-CL students(TY TY'14/15/16) other than MBA who have purchased programs worth Rs. 4999/- & above
  • **Loyalty option is applicable for CL CAT students of TY '14, 15 16 who have earlier purchased programme worth Rs. 4999/- & above.
  • **CAT 17 students who have already purchased a product worth 7499 and above will be eligible for Loyalty option as well
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