CBSE Class 8 Math, Comparing Quantities

   S.P. is selling price
   C.P. is cost price
   The overhead expenses are a part of CP.
   Profit or loss is always calculated on CP
   For profit, SP>CP and for loss CP>SP
   Discount is always calculated on the marked price.
   VAT is not a part of selling price. Although it is calculated on the SP but it is excluded from the SP while calculating profit or loss.
   Formula for compound interest gives
                                  then CI=A-P
   If the interest is compounded half yearly the time period becomes twice as much as the numbers of years. The rate of interest is reduced to half.
   We compare two quantites by division.It is called ratio. Quantities written in same unit. Ratio has no unit
   Another way to compare quantity is to express in percentages.
   Profit= Profit/CPX100, Loss= Loss/CpX100