CBSE Class 8 Math, Linear Equations in One Variable

Linear Equation in One Variable
1.  Rules for solving a linear equation in one variable:-
        Add the same number on both the sides of the equation.
        Subtract the same number from both the sides the equation.
        Multiply both the sides of the equation by the same number.
        Divide both the sides of the equation by the same non zero number.
  Transpose a term from LHS to RHS or vice-versa.
2.  Transposing means taking a term from one side to the other side of an equation while changing its sign.
3.  The highest power of a linear equation is always one.
4.  An equation may have linear expressions on both sides of the equation.
5.  Such equations help us to solve various problems based on numbers, age, perimeters, combination of coins etc.