Introduction to Graphs-Important Questions

Class VIII Math
HOTs for Introduction to Graphs
1.   The graph shows the temperature of a patient recorded before noon. Read it and answer the following questions.
        (i) What was patients temperature at 9 a.m.?
        (ii) What the highest temperature of the patient?
        (iii) When was the patient's temperature lowest?
        (iv) During which period, the patient's temperature remained constant?
2.   The graph shows the yearly sales figure of a shoe manufacturing company.
        (i) What were the sales in 2000?
        (ii) In which year the sales were maximum?
        (iii) What is the difference between the sales in the year 2003 and 2005?
3.   Draw a linear graph for the following data:
        Month                          May      June      July      August
        Rainfall. (in cm)           5             7            4               6
4.   Plot the points on a graph: A(4. 9); B(6, 0); C(7, 7); D(2, 4)
5.   Plot the points A(4, 3). B(4, 0), (4, �2), (4, 6) and join them. Do they lie on the same line?