Linear Equations in One Variable-Important Questions

Class 8th Math
HOTS for Linear Equation in one variable
1.  Find the solution of 3x-4 = 12
2.  Solve: 5x-9 = 8
3.  What should be subtracted from thrice the rational number -8/3 to get 5/2?
4.  The sum of three consecutive multiples of 7 is 63. Find these multiples.
5.  Solve 3x/4 – 7/4 = 5x + 12
6.  Perimeter of a rectangle is 13cm. if its width is 11/4 cm, find its length.
7.  The present of Sita’s father is three times the present age of Sita. After six years sum of their ages will be 69 years. Find their present ages.
8.  The digits of a two-digit number differ by 3. If digits are interchanged and the resulting number is added to the original number, we get 121. Find the original number.
9.  (x-2)/(x+1) = ½. Find x
10.  Sanjay will be 3 times as old as he was 4 years ago after 18 years. Find his present age.
11.  If the sum of two numbers is 30 and their ratio is 2/3 then find the numbers.
12.  The numerator of a fraction is 2 less than the denominator. If one is added to its denominator, it becomes 1/2 find the fraction.