Mensuration-Sample Papers


Total marks- 15
Total time- 30 minutes
1.   A godown in the form of a cuboid measures (60*40*30) m. how many cuboidal boxes can be stored in it if the volume of one box is 0.8 m3. ( 3 marks)
2.   A rectangular paper of width 14 cm is rolled along with its width and a cylinder of radius 20 cm is formed. Find the volume of the cylinder. ( 3 marks)
3.   A rectangular piece of paper is having measures 11 cm * 4 cm. It is folded without overlapping to make a cylinder of height 4 cm. Find the volume of the cylinder. ( 3 marks)
4.   A square and a rectangle have same perimeter. If the side of the square is 60 cm and length of a rectangle is 80m, then whose area is more and how much? ( 3 marks)
5.   The area of a quadrilateral shaped field is 252 m2. The perpendiculars dropped on it from the opposite corners on a diagonal are 8 m and 13 m. Find the length of a diagonal. ( 3 marks)