Visualizing Solid Shapes-Important Questions


1.  How many vertices are there of a sphere?
2.  How many vertices are there in a cone?
3.  Which of the following is not a polyhedron? A cube, a prism, a cone or a cuboid?
4.  How many faces, edges and vertices does a triangular prism have?
5.  What is a triangular pyramid? What is a pyramid called if it has a square base?
6.  A dice is a cube in which the number on the opposite faces must total 7. Draw its net.
7.  The number of face of a pyramid is 5. Find the number of its vertices when its edges are eight.
8.  Draw the net of a triangular prism whose base is an equilateral triangle.
9.  What is Euler�s Formula? Using it find the number of faces of tetrahedron having vertices as 4 and 6 edges.