Combustion and Flame-Important Questions

Combustion and Flame

1.   Give two examples of two solid fuels
2.   Classify the fuels on the basis of states.
3.   What is the principle of fire extinguishing?
4.   We can prepare tea in a paper cup and it does not catch fire. Why?
5.   Name the clean fuel recommended to use in buses.
6.   Which part of candle flame is hottest?
7.   We can boil water in a paper cup while paper catches fire easily. Explain the process.
8.   Why does charcoal not produce flame?
9.   Do all the substances catch fire on same temperature?
10.   What is the source of heat and light of the sun?
11.   What do you mean by forest fire?
12.   How does fire brigade work?
13.   What is deforestation? What is its effect?