Combustion and Flame-Sample Questions

Combustion and Flame
1.  What is the difference between burning of a candle and burning of coal?
2.  Classify fuels?
3.  Write name of some incombustible substances
4.  What do you mean by an ignition temperature?
5.  What are the requirements to produce fire?
6.  How many types of combustion are there?
7.  Give examples of the substances which give flame.
8.  What substances are used to extinguish fire in case of electric short circuit?
9.  Which zone of flame has highest temperature?
10.  Explain structure of flame.
11.  What are the characteristics of good fuel?
12.  What are the ill effects due to the increasing consumption of fuel?
13.  Draw a diagram to explain that air is essential for combustion.
14.  What are the products of any fuel?