Materials-metals and non-metals-MCQ

Class VIII Science
MCQ for Metals and Non-Metals
Choose the correct option:
1.   The most reactive metal is:
        (a) Iron
(b) Gold
(c) Zinc
(d) Potassium.
2.   The liquid metal at room temperature
        (a) Mercury
(b) Bromine
(c) Sodium
(d) Gold.
3.   Non-metals are:
        (a) generally liquids
(b) generally gases
        (c) generally solids and gases
(d) generally gases and liquids.
4.   The metal which is stored in kerosene:
        (a) Phosphorus
(b) Magnesium
(c) Sodium
(b) Magnesium
5.   The non-metal which is liquid at room temperature is:
        (a) Carbon
(b) Iodine
(c) Bromine
(d) Chlorine.
6.   Materials around us can be classified into
        (a) Elements and compounds
(b) Metals and non-metals
        (c) Acids and bases
(d) None of these.
7.   All metals are solids except
        (a) Sodium
(b) Calcium
(c) Mercury
(d) Hydrogen.
8.   Metal oxides are of nature
        (a) Acidic
(b) Basic
(c) Neutral
(d) All of these.
9.   The metal which can be cut with a knife
        (a) Sodium and potassium
(b) Barium and calcium
        (c) Sodium and mercury
(d) Potassium and calcium.
10.   When non-metals react with water then
        (a) Hydrogen gas is formed
        (b) Carbon dioxide gas is formed
        (c) Non-metals do not react with water
        (d) None of these.