Materials-metals and non-metals-Sample Questions

Class VIII Science
Sample Paper for Metals and Non-Metals
1.   What do you mean by displacement reaction?
2.   Give one example of displacement reaction.
3.   Have you ever seen a blacksmith beating an iron piece? Do you find a change in the shape of these pieces on beating? Would you expect a similar change in wood log on beating?
4.   What is malleability? Name two most malleable metals.
5.   Explain that metals are good conductors of electricity with the help of an activity.
6.   List some physical properties of the metals.
7.   Write some physical properties of non-metals.
8.   What happens when a magnesium ribbon is heated in presence of air?
9.   What happens when a copper vessel is exposed in moist air?
10.   Explain the reaction of sodium and water, with the help of an activity.