Microorganisms - Friend and Foe-Important Questions

HOTS for Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
1.    What are microorganisms or microbes?
2.    Give two examples of microorganisms.
3.    Name two multicellular Microorganisms.
4.    What are the two types of Microorganisms on the basis of their functions?
5.    Who discovered the antibiotics?
6.    What is vaccine?
7.    What do you mean by vaccination?
8.    Name the pathogen of anthrax.
9.    Where do Rhizobium bacteria commonly live?
10.  Edward Jenner in 1798.
11.  Which is the carrier of dengue virus?
12.  What do you mean by food preservation?
13.  Who discovered the antibiotics?
14.  Name a popular vaccination programme.
15.  Where do Rhizobium bacteria commonly live?