Microorganisms - Friend and Foe-MCQ

Multiple Choice Questions
1.  Watering the crops is called:
      (a)   sowing
(b)   manuring
(c)   tilling
(d)   irrigation
1.  Spyrogyra is
      I.     An algae
      II.    A fungi
      III.   A protozoa
      IV.   A bacteria
2.  Vaccine for small pox is discorvered by
      I.      Louis Pasteur
      II.    Alexander Fleming
      III.   Edward Jenner
      IV.   John Mendal
3.  Amount of nitrogen in the atmosohere is
      I.      58%
      II.    68%
      III.   78%
      IV.   88%
4.  Mushroom belongs to
      I.      Algae
      II.    Virus
      III.   Fungi
      IV.   None of these
5.  Amoeba belongs to
      I.      Algae
      II.    Fungi
      III.   Protozoa
      IV.   Virus
6.  Scientist who discovered fermentation is
      I.      Alexander Fleming
      II.    Louis Pasteur
      III.   John Mendal
      IV.   Edward Jenner
7.  Rhizobium becteria
      I.      Help in digestion
      II.    Help in nitrogen fixation
      III.   Cause diseases
      IV.   All of the above
8.  Malaria Is caused by
      I.      Protozoa
      II.    Virus
      III.   Algae
      IV.   Bacteria
9.  Penicillium is a
      I.      Algae
      II.    Fungus
      III.   Bacteria
      IV.   Yeast
10.  Microorganisms are
      I.      Unicellular
      II.    Multi-cellular
      III.   Both
      IV.   None of these
      1)     II
      2)     III
      3)     III
      4)     III
      5)     III
      6)     II
      7)     II
      8)     I
      9)     II
      10)  II