Reproduction in Animals-MCQ

Reproduction in Animals
1.  The animals that produce new young ones are known as
        I.   Oviparous
       II.   Viviparous
      III.   Both
      IV.   None of these
2.  Tadpole is the developing stage of which of these
        I.   Dogs
       II.   Cats
      III.   Frogs
      IV.   Humans
3.  Where does the fusion of male and female gametes generally take place?
        I.   Fallopian tube
       II.   Ovary
      III.   Uterus
      IV.   Zygote
4.  The cell formed after fertisation is called
        I.   Foetus
       II.   Zygote
      III.   Embryo
      IV.   None of these
5.  Egg are formed in the
        I.   Testes
       II.   Penis
      III.   Ovary
      IV.   None of these
6.  How many modes of reproduction are there in animals?
        I.   One type
       II.   Two types
      III.   Three types
      IV.   Four types
7.  A sperm consists of
        I.   One part
       II.   Two parts
      III.   Three parts
      IV.   Four parts
8.  Foetus is the
        I.   Well developed embryo
       II.   Developing embryo
      III.   A zygote
      IV.   Male gamete
9.  Viviparous organisms are the ones which
        I.   Produce eggs
       II.   Produce young ones
      III.   Both I and II
      IV.   None of these
10.  Cloning is a mode of
        I.   Sexual production
       II.   Asexual production
      III.   Both I and II
      IV.   None of these
      1.     II
      2.     III
      3.     I
      4.     II
      5.     III
      6.     II
      7.     III
      8.     I
      9.     II
      10.  II