Reproduction in Animals-NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions
Reproduction in Animals
1.  Reproduction is a very important process for living organisms. It facilitates the continuation of a species.
2.  Sexual reproduction takes place in human beings. Male partner releases sperm inside female�s body. Sperms and ovum fuse together in fallopian tube to form zygote. During this process the nucleus of sperm fuses with the nucleus of ovum to form a single nucleus. This entire process is called fertilization.
3.  (a) in female body
      (b) metamorphosis
      (c) one
4.  (a) false
      (b) true
      (c) true
      (d) false
      (e) true
      (f) false
      (g) false
      (h) true
      (i) true
      (j) false
Zygote Foetus
It contains single cell.
It is formed by the fusion of ovum and sperm.
It contains many cells.
It is formed by repeated divisions of zygote.
6.  Asexual reproduction is a mode of reproduction were only single parent is involved. It takes place in different forms: (i) Buddings- This process takes place in hydra and bacteria. A part of these organisms starts growing further and bulging out and gradually separates from the organisms when fully developed.
(ii) This type of reproduction take place in amoeba. The nucleus of amoeba gets divided into two followed by division of their bodies. Each part gets a separate nucleus and develops into a separate amoeba. This type of reproduction is common in unicellular organisms.
7.  Uterus
8.  The transformation of larva into an adult through drastic changes is called metamorphosis.
Internal fertilisation External fertilisation
(i) Takes place inside the body of female
(ii) Sperms are released by the male inside female�s body
(i) Takes place outside the body of female
(ii) Sperms are released in open