Coaching Franchise in India

Key Aspects & Benefits

The education sector as a whole is undergoing a significant change. The growth in the education sector will directly reflect in the demand for the coaching franchise in India. It will be the fastest-growing category and has huge potential.

A few reasons for the same: 

  • The expected size of the Indian education sector is going to be INR 16,60,000 crore by FY 2025. 
  • The market is steadily growing, historically at a CAGR of 14%. 
  • A locality with a population of 20 lakh is likely to have a catchment of 1 lakh students seeking coaching support.

Become a CL Franchisee

What is a Coaching Franchise?

A coaching centre franchise is a partnership where individuals or entities join an established coaching brand to operate their coaching centre. Franchisees benefit from the brand's reputation, support, and resources, offering a turnkey solution to enter the coaching industry with proven success and shared expertise.

A Coaching Franchise comes with:

Why Should You Invest in a Coaching Franchise?

Investing in an education franchise presents a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking a meaningful and profitable venture:

Proven Business Model

Investing in a coaching franchise offers a tested and proven business model, reducing the risks associated with starting from scratch and providing a higher likelihood of success.

Brand Equity and Reputation

Benefit from the established brand name and reputation of the franchisor, which can lead to increased trust among students and parents, ultimately driving enrollment.

Training and Support

Franchisees receive comprehensive training and support, ensuring they have the necessary tools, resources, and expertise to operate a successful coaching center.

Market Demand

With a growing demand for quality education & coaching classes, investing in a coaching franchise presents a lucrative opportunity for those seeking a rewarding & impactful business venture.

Why Become a CL Franchisee?

At Career Launcher, we stand at the forefront of educational excellence, and our education franchise model is designed to empower, driven and motivated individuals like you.

Huge Program Basket

The only education service provider in India that offers a huge variety in product offerings - from tuition for Class VIII to competitive entrance prep for exams including CAT, CUET, CLAT, IIT-JEE, NEET, GRE, GMAT, etc.

Formidable Reputation

Since 1996, we have built a sense of goodwill and a reputation as a formidable brand, through our federation of entrepreneurs. This, in turn, enables our new business partners in setting up a successful venture.

Proven Model

Our centralized R&D, product development, and proven technology edge allow each of our business partners to focus solely on the last mile of the education franchise business.

Legacy of Results

The test-preparation business is all about consistently delivering good results. Not only is CL counted among the best in each segment we operate in, we also have our results audited to ensure complete transparency.

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Our Program basket for you

After School

After College

Two modes of coaching deliveries

Face-to-Face Classroom

The standard mode of delivery. We expect our franchise business partners to be actively involved with the students; and prefer that they themselves take sessions on their subject(s) of expertise.

Centralized Delivery

Edtech has helped us reach students in areas where there is a scarcity of quality faculty members. In this mode, sessions by eminent mentors are beamed live to our authorized centers spread across the country.

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Getting started as a CL franchisee

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Frequently asked questions

The investment outlay is dependent on the locality and the product basket one chooses. For a new centre, it usually ranges between INR 15 lakh and INR 45 lakh. However, there could be exceptions on either side. For an existing centre, it is dependent on the current business, amongst various other parameters.

Profitability is contingent upon several factors, primarily the balance between revenue and the operational costs associated with running the centre. By carefully analyzing these variables, one can ascertain the potential for financial success. It is important to note that we have dedicated an entire page to discuss three specific scenarios on the Return on Investment (ROI) page. These scenarios aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential financial outcomes that can be expected.

By paying the franchise fee, you become eligible for the following services: 

  1. License to use the CL brand name across marketing collaterals Ÿ Licence to use the CL brand name across marketing collaterals 
  2. Technical know-how, training & retraining w High-quality academic material
  3. Support in marketing & sales planning
  4. In-house business software
  5. Periodic academic updates
  6. Learning management software…and more

Franchise fee varies from INR 7.5 lakh to INR 68 lakh, depending on the program(s) chosen and the city.

Specific qualifications may not be necessary, possessing the right mindset, dedication, and passion can contribute significantly to your success in this rewarding business.

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