Students Speak!!!

Ayan Chakraborty
Converted: IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, CAT 2017

In the very first meeting with Arks sir, he gave us a clear idea of what to expect from the program and what he expects from us. My first impression was that he really knows how to guide students in the GD-PI phase and that gave me the peace of mind that I could convert my calls if I followed his instructions.

The Personal Counselling sessions and the Mock PIs that I attended were conducted very professionally. That gave me a clear understanding of what areas can be questioned in the actual PI. The analysis provided by the interviewer also gave me direction to read and improve upon before the PI rounds.

Arks sir was always available through WhatsApp, Skype and enthusiastic in helping us at all times necessary. Whenever, he was in Bangalore, he met with us for personal counselling and mock PIs. All my interaction with him were highly informative and helpful in preparing for the GDPI rounds.

Arks sir asked all his mentees to write a 3000-word autobiography. Writing that autobiography really helped in increasing our self-awareness and formulating the personality based interview questions like "Tell me about yourself", "Why MBA?", "Strengths and weaknesses" etc.

The current affairs and static GK sessions held by Rohit Singh Sir provided all the relevant topics that could be asked in a PI. Attending those classes and keeping personal notes helped in answering the current affairs based questions in PIs with confidence.

With his immense experience, Arks sir had a good answer to every possible doubt or question we had. He also backed all his answers with anecdotes about past student experiences relevant to the doubt.

The best aspect of the program is the personalized mentorship and counselling one gets which is the USP of this program. While preparing for PIs, I had a lot of doubts that would seem too trivial to ask in a classroom setting. But I could get all these questions answered through my personal interactions with my mentor.

Apart from my mentor, I had personal counselling sessions with Sreeni Sir and other senior faculties that were very informative and helpful.

Joining CL Classroom program and PDP Personalised program has turned out to be an excellent decision for me. The CL Mock tests and Drilldown analysis were crucial towards my success in CAT. The Mock PI and personal counselling sessions with my mentor helped in shaping my profile and put me in the correct mindset for the actual PI rounds. I would like to express my gratitude towards CL for providing me with all the tools and motivation necessary to gaining admission to my dream B-school.

Aditya Bhardwaj
Converted: XLRI (HR), Narsee Monjee (MBA core and HR) CAT 2017

I was told by the centre staff that he was a very senior executive at CL and is usually very busy, so, I was a bit too formal to start talking to him but soon I realised that he is very warm and makes almost every conversation feel very friendly. He is amazing!

I really found the sessions useful as I had given some interviews on my own, I would sometimes get stuck on generic questions like why do an MBA now? Etc.

The confidence level in the subsequent interviews after mentoring sessions was really high due to the feeling of knowing that I was well prepared.

My interactions with the mentor were really good and to the point. As we had identified some weak points in my profile most of the conversations centred on those questions which helped me be more articulate in the interviews.

The focus was on building from the basic questions to the tougher ones which helped in building the confidence for all kinds of interviews. Also, general awareness topics were discussed in every session so I took them with more seriousness. Self-awareness came first as weak and strong points were discussed in the very first conversation.

Content development was the primary focus and questions like "why MBA?" and "why do an MBA now?" were bettered along with some more expected questions.

Having more stuff to talk about helped me in stress interviews with a lot of cross-questioning,

I feel that PDP Personalised is the best in its class program as it gives mentorship under the best people who are alumni of the best B-schools of the country themselves.

Having known the process themselves and interacting with students year after year makes an unbeatable combo available to the mentors.

I got to interact with other mentors at the CL centre who also took GDs and personal sessions sometimes. It was a very good experience overall.

PDPP allowed me to interact with the best teachers and students in Bangalore, giving me an idea on how to improve myself over the next year.

It’s been wonderful since day one. The level of personal attention from the finest mentors I got was unparalleled and worth every cent and second. I would totally recommend CL PDP Personalised to candidates appearing for B-school interviews.

Aditi Singhal
Converted: IIM-A, IIM- L, IIM- K, ISB CAT 2017

Arkss sir should be awarded for the "Outstanding Mentor Award" for assisting students in their most crucial phase where he/she is just a step away from the dream destination. I would really appreciate the effort and commitment he and his team put in throughout the interview process.

Before enrolling into CL PDP Personalized program, I explored various other institutions but I must say that choosing Career Launcher was the best decision I took that helped me to crack my dream B-school.

The entire CL team works with complete dedication and perseverance. Arkss sir helped me a lot in streamlining my career goals by connecting the dots.

The key to crack IIMs interviews is to have the holistic knowledge of "everything", literally everything and here CL helped me in preparing through all the areas- updated me with the current affairs, assisted me in aligning my personal story, and gave background knowledge about engineering and work experience areas- hence equipping me with all the relevant knowledge in only "20 days". They have complete clarity on what is relevant and what is not. The schedule of the boot camps was always well-organized so as to optimize the time of every student attending the camp. Overall, CL has an excellent faculty team at every level- GK sessions, Mock PIs and personal mentorship.

Arkss sir was always available to assist me with even the smallest and silliest of questions. He would always make me feel comfortable and confident even when the interview was too close. To me the best and the most memorable line of Arkss sir is "Never convince the interviewer, your job is not convince them. Your job is to be truthful and be what you are". Many thanks sir for all the commitment and concern.

I will surely recommend CL to every aspirant who is really passionate to crack one of the IIMs.

Sirisha Behara
Converted: IIM A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-L CAT 2017

Arks sir listens to you. I met him only once and did not attend any mock interviews. However, the one meeting with Arks Sir gave me a lot of confidence and the belief that I can crack the interviews.

The sessions with him helped me a lot in confidence building. He talked about all the positive things in my profile and ensured me that I can convert my calls.

The PDP Personalized gives you the freedom to choose and do what is best for you. It gave me a confidence that even if I do not crack any of the interviews, I am still good enough. I learnt a lot and enjoyed the process.

I really liked the videos my Mehekka mam for Current Affairs and GK. They were crisp, clear and very helpful for me.

The entire experience was very useful, thrilling and self-searching.

Amol Agarwal
Converted: IIM-B, MDI,SCMHRD, SIBM Pune, IMT Ghaziabad, XIMB, IMI Delhi CAT 2017

When I first met Arks sir, he listened patiently to all my concerns I had regarding the GD-PI-WAT processes of various B Schools. He noted down my profile and then suggested steps and pointers for me to work upon. He constantly guided me through the entire process. He was in constant contact with me over calls, WhatsApp and emails. He would ask me about how my interviews were going and told me the corrections I had to make before my next interview. By the end of it all, I could see a gradual change in me as I was a lot more confident now then I was before and I attribute all this to Arks sir.

The sessions for the PI rounds were very helpful indeed. They gave us an understanding of what we could expect in the actual interviews. They also taught us about the body language that one needs to maintain while the interview process is going on. A lot of dos and don’ts were covered in these sessions. The mock interviews were very close to the actual interviews and it helped me to overcome hesitation and gradually helped me build confidence. I developed the habit of on the spot thinking - which is very critical for B School interviews. The PDP program has helped me provide a starting point and has equipped me with the essentials needed to start this process. This is one of the most valuable takeaway for me from this program.

The entire process was very smooth. Right from my classroom programme to the mock test series to the personalized programme, everything was very thought out and planned. The faculty for teaching the fundamentals in the classroom was well equipped to deal with any doubts the students would face. The lectures were given in a detailed manner covering the basics first and then moving on to the more advanced concepts. The mocks were designed beautifully as they gave a glimpse of what could be expected in the actual CAT. They were on lines of previous year CAT papers and helped me analyze my performance and preparation on a weekly basis. The faculty members were easily approachable for any doubts we had. Also the session we had on webinars like race to 99 percentile, or improvements in various individual sections helped me polish my strong areas and work on my weak areas so that I can score in a balanced manner in CAT exam.

The experience has been a fruitful one. I have met with a lot of wonderful people in Career Launcher and the relationships established over the last one year is something to be cherished. I got to learn a lot of new things, crack one of the most competitive aptitude entrance exams in India and make it to the Best B School in the country. I attribute my success to Arks sir and Career Launcher team.