Gautam Bawa

Vice President, CL Educate

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Gautam's Mantra

  • You need the ability to be absolutely chilled out, detach yourself from the importance of the exam, and not be overburdened in life.
  • Enjoy making mistakes; it means you are a human being and not a robot. Showcase your human side - that you can think on your feet and that you don't get bogged down by situations and stress. Attitude is what strikes a chord with people. Knowledge can be garnered, but attitude can't.
  • Remember, an interview is just another opportunity to talk - something most of us enjoy doing.

Students' Feedback

Knowledge 94%
Openness 95%
Responsiveness to doubts and queries 93%
Motivating spirit 96%

Students Speak!!!

If Gautam were interviewed - "Tell us something about yourself"

I am like hot garlic chicken - tangy, sweet, and spicy. The sweet nature of my personality is that I like intermingling with people a lot. I believe I am easy to approach and easy to have a chat with. The tangy part would be my sarcasm. I think I am very open and quite sarcastic, sometimes to the point of being impudent. As for the spicy bit; once you take a bite of the hot garlic chicken, you have that tingling sensation, but it forces you to take another bite. I think that is who I am. You may like me, you may hate me, but you would want to interact with me.

Epithets by Students: "To you, Gautam is..."

"Sharp as a Tack"

"The Harvey Specter of CL"

"King of Sarcasm"

"The Great Listener"

Favorite Author

Jeffrey Archer

His style of writing is amazingly gripping; and he is one of those authors whose books are difficult to put down once you start reading.
His 'Sons of Fortune' is my all-time favorite.
J.K. Rowling is a 'Wizard' for her Harry Potter series. 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' being my favorite.

Role Model

My role model is 'Tomorrow's me'
My motto in life is to improve every single day.
I aim to be what I want to be tomorrow.

But apart from this, I would say Sachin Tendulkar, the one & only God. After all the talent he is blessed with, his hard work, his determination, his passion, his tenacity are unmatchable. It is impossible for a human being to be what he is.

Know him like you "know him"


He is a devoted Kishore Kumar fan for his effortless singing; 'Mere saamne wali khidki mein' being one of his favorites



A connoisseur of fine food and drink; he enjoys following food blogs and TV shows on food



Mad about cricket-it is his top priority; and he has forgone sleep zillion times over it


Bucket list

Top 2 things in his bucket list are: to write a fiction novel on crime, and take a trip to New Zealand



Passionate about criminology; and enjoys reading crime and detective fiction



'The Shawshank Redemption', 'A Few Good Men', and 'Dead Poets Society' are few of his favorites