Gopalakrishnan R.

President - Corporate Business Services

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Gopi's Mantra

I believe in the adage "If it's got to be, it is up to me". It means that a high level of both ownership & accountability is key to success - be it personal or professional. This is a trait I seek to imbibe in the mentees I work with. The approach, therefore, is to help them own their future; and consequently, their actions leading up to it. It includes the "fundas" they abide by, or the thoughts they believe in.

Students' Feedback

Openness 97%
Responsiveness to doubts and queries 98%
Motivating spirit 98%

Students Speak!!!

If Gopi were interviewed - "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"

I love connecting with people, and seeing things as if I were in their shoes. This helps me approach a solution with empathy. An understanding of the other's POV helps me represent their case in a very strong way; and take decisions in a compassionate, win-win fashion.

I love discussions on abstract topics, like philosophy, eschatology, and comparative religion. This might suggest that if a topic interests me, I can get very deep into it.

Additionally, it has helped me handle ambiguity over a period. When I started out, ambiguous situations used to really make me nervous. Now, due to conscious efforts, I have been able to sort that out.

My next fear to overcome is to cross the bridge of too-much-detail. Once I get out of this obsession with trivia, I really would love to gain some semblance of control over my being an emotional person.

Epithets by Students: "To you, Gopi is..."

"Mr. 'Optimistic'"

"The Best Teacher"

"The Best Motivator"

"Catalyst to progress"

Favorite Author

Subramania Bharati

A versatile Tamil poet, whose poems ranged from social, national, religious, personal topics, but each with words incredibly deep in meaning & extremely moving in rendition. Precis writing has never been my forte. And I admire him for being somebody who managed to pack so much in every poem of his.

Role Model

My Mother

It sounds cliched, but my mother remains my role model. I know the struggles she has had to undergo; but the fighter in her has been firing her up till date to live life to the fullest. I wonder if I can show even half of her determination & zest; and if I do, I would be making serious progress on many fronts in my life.

Know him like you "know him"


Tennis excites him; he is an ardent fan of both Roger Federer & Novak Djokovic



Loves Asterix from the French comics series 'The Adventures of Asterix'



The topics of philosophy, eschatology, and comparative religion interets him a lot



Keenly enjoys Tamil historical fiction and books on anthropology, consumer behavior


Bucket list

Finish reading The Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, and the Tamil classic 'Tirumurai'



Loves dogs; has two of them. Also takes care of four strays: two near his office, & two his home