Students Speak!!!

Manish Gautam
Converted: IIM - A,B,C

About Gautam Puri Sir, I had one day received a call from CL Pune (in mid October or so), saying that they were holding a session for test series students. Contrary to my laid back attitude, I decided to attend the session. I had thought that this would be a big session with large number of participants. I was again in for a surprise. There were just six of us called for the session. Anyway, moving on. Gautam Sir was particularly very interested in each candidate's individual performance in each section. This opened room for discussion on our scope of improvement. The discussions helped me boost my marks from constant 140s to constant 150s. This, I can say with absolute confidence, happened because I did not try anything other than what Gautam Sir had recommended. He also shared his personal phone number which I went on to use till one week before the examination. His tips during my conversation with him in the last week proved to be of major strategic advantage in CAT 2018 examination. My major fear of silly mistakes and the belief that this problem cannot be solved made me feel helpless all the more. Gautam Sir's strategic approach & solution to this prevalent problem was not only unique and fruitful, but it gave me back my confidence over an insolvable conundrum. This has been the highlight of CAT 2018. My confidence was at an all time high during the exam. Even though, I screwed up badly in the DILR section, the onus of under-performance is on me alone. Anyway, all is well that ends well. I am fortunate to have been favorably chosen by IIM A, B & C for admission to the incoming batch of 2019-21. A major credit goes to Gautam Puri Sir & CL team. This could not have been possible without your help. Thank you.

Sarthak Bajaj
Converted: IIM-C, IIM-L, IIM-K, FMS CAT 2017

Preparing for CAT with a full-time job is always a challenge, but the CL Night Classes is the perfect recipe for success. Post joining the program, the first lecture you get is from the coveted Gautam Puri. Mind knows he is a legend, but of such stature might be arrogant and always caught up. Post CAT, I took part in CL PDP program where the CL boss was my mentor. I had just the 5 interviews, with a timeline as wide as 10th of February to 18th of April.

Against any presumptions (the bossy kind ) I had about GP, my first interaction was amazing. He was welcoming, approachable, and motivating at the same time. The kind of people you would want to talk more, share more because of the warmth and connection he forms with your story. The essence of personalized touch to the program couldn't have been more enriching. With the very first interaction, he directed me towards what had to be done, confining with my game plan. The insights provided by asking relevant questions in depth, as well as breadth, helped me with content development and the improvement areas.

I remember the first interaction where he kept on reassuring that I can convert the calls I had and till date, he reiterated that he told me so. The best part of the sessions was that I didn't take away the core ideas of how to perform in interviews, but a relationship with the mentor out of it which I would cherish for a long time. The ideas and improvisations GP shared were not just for b- school interviews but for life. I am glad I was part of this program and will always be a part of CL.


Vignesh Sridharan
Converted: IIM-K, MDI, XLRI (BM) CAT 2017

Initially, I felt GP sir was a man of few words. I also thought he'd be very strict. After my first interaction with him, my perspective changed totally. He is very patient, with a great sense of humor and ever-willing to help. Right from the off, I felt an air of optimism about him, and that turned out to be true all the way!

I think the most important thing GP sir taught me was the importance of introspection. In our first session, we spoke about 40mins and this threw up a lot of past experiences that I had completely forgotten. I felt surer of myself as a person and I think I'll walk into any interview in the future with a lot more confidence because of this process.

He was kind enough to record the first session and sent me a copy for my reference. That formed the backbone of my PI prep. Thereon, we spoke before and after every interview, discussing the experiences at length and ironing out the details for upcoming PIs. Through these sessions with GP sir, I became more self-aware and felt more comfortable about my upcoming PIs. Also, sharing each and every interview experience and getting Sir's feedback was really helpful.

I think PDPP was an enriching experience, and I feel that I have become more self-aware and confident. This program was helpful not only for the MBA PIs but for all future interviews. I think the well-structured nature and the depth in all the knowledge sessions were the best things about the program.

Also, the mock GD, PI sessions and the boot camps here in Bangalore helped a lot. The Knowledge sessions were also very thorough and useful.

I think I have a better idea of who I am and what I am. This journey was one of self-realization and I think it will help me in all my future endeavors, at a B school and beyond.

I had a wonderful experience with CL, from their Mocks, online resources to their prompt customer care, and in my interaction with various faculty members. The mocks geared me up for the exam and helped me do well. Through the PDP, I learned a lot, became more aware of who I am and have gained a lot of confidence for all my future experiences. I am grateful to my mentor, GP Sir, more than anyone else for his constant support, optimism, and inputs. On the whole, it has been a thoroughly enriching experience.

Samir Sodani
Converted: IIM-B, IIM-L CAT 2017

GP Sir is a very supportive person as I can recall from my first interaction with him. He counseled and guided me in such a way that I was able to capitalize on my uniqueness and strengths. The sessions were helpful in a very sound way as it helped me know about the parameters that are judged in the PI rounds and how I can perform better in it.

GP sir is a very interactive person. In our first meeting, he took a mock interview of me and explored my interview performance in all parameters. He made a comprehensive analysis of my mock interview performance based on confidence, current affairs knowledge, Work ex domain, career plans etc. He then guided me to the sections that I need to improve in the coming days to ace the interviews. He motivated me and provided me the correct direction.

My interaction with GP sir was a bit different in that he asked me to narrate my entire life moments and achievements right from my childhood to the present situation. He then asked me to capitalize on various points that I discussed with him in my interaction(I was not mentioning those points earlier in my mock interviews). He asked me to capitalize on my achievements properly. Doing so helped me perform better in the interviews.

During SOP writing, he consistently reviewed my SOP and suggested changes. He is a very calm person. He understands that each person has his own capability and treats them accordingly.

The PDPP is a good fit for aspirants aspiring to crack interviews and enhance their interpersonal skills. It helped me introspect and explore my personality from a wide view. Apart from my mentor, the CL team helped in the timely and smooth conduct of classes, sessions and mock interviews. The team showed amiable behavior in solving all my queries. The whole experience was worth it.

Ekta Keshri
Converted: IIM-I, IIM-K, IIFT-Kolkata, TISS CAT 2017

Throughout my preparation for CAT and other MBA entrances, I had relied on GP ka Funda. When it came to building my strategy for the entrances. And, it came as a sheer coincidence that GP sir became my mentor when I joined PDP Personalised Programme. Although I had not met him in person till then since I was following him for the past 6 months or so, I already had an excellent impression of him. And it did not change even after meeting him. He came to me as the same person as in his fundas: calm, cool, confidence boosting attitude. I was thrilled to be his mentee.

Mock interviews conducted by Gautam sir were really enriching. They were like mirrors showing the real me and helping me introspect because the most important aspect of any interview is that one should have complete knowledge of one's personality. The mentors helped in my preparation by asking almost all the possible questions related to my SOP and most of the time I was asked the same questions in the actual interview. When Shivku sir told me that I would clear the interviews, that was another level of confidence he instilled in me. The best aspect of PI round was the detailed feedback and also that each mock interview was conducted by a different mentor which helped simulate an actual interview like experience and boosted my confidence.

In my first interview cum interaction session with GP sir, I was extremely nervous and had zero confidence because I thought I wouldn't be able to survive the tough competition that lied ahead. I was not able to answer even a single question properly and almost shocked sir. But GP sir, like a true mentor, helped me calm down, he patiently listened to my entire story and helped me form my SOP by making even my weaknesses my strength and boosting my confidence to an extent where I could even talk about my failures in life without any fear. I could not have faced any interview If not for sir and his words that I am equally good enough and deserve to be here.

Apart from this, GP sir was always available on the phone whenever I had a query and not only this; he even called back if he ever missed a call.

I am really grateful to sir for making all of this possible for me, for being so kind and helpful.

The Introductory session with Shreeni sir was about asking ourselves "Who am I" and introspecting deep within us to find the answer. After the session, I felt that I know more about myself, my motivations and my goals in life. I actually started to feel good about myself. The best part was that my whole personality seemed to unravel in front of myself. Only If one knows about oneself can one answer with confidence the grilling questions asked in interviews revolving around one's personality and Shreeni sir made it really easy for me. This was followed by GD concept session by Shivku Sir where I learned most of the tricks of GD and they came handy in actual GDs. Then in the WAT concept session, I learned how to mold my essay and make it coherent, precise and presentable. And finally, in the interview concept session with GP sir, I came to know of the probable questions asked in an interview(most important being Why MBA ), ways to prepare for the same and most importantly ways to handle an interview and be honest and straightforward during the process. These sessions broadened my horizon of knowledge, self-awareness and were really enriching.

I liked GP sir's calm and composed demeanor the most. His counseling helped me regain my lost confidence and trust in myself. Interacting with him made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and so I could easily talk about them in my interviews. Also, despite having a busy schedule, GP sir was always available on phone and has answered all my queries, listened to my SOPs, my interview experiences, has guided me regarding institute selection and I am really grateful to him to have done so. I think PDP Personalised Programme is the best way to prepare for GDPIWAT. It is a holistic programme that helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, develop self-awareness and showcase my best self in front of the interviewers. Some of its best aspects are the use of psychological tools like Personal Effectiveness Scale and Loco Inventory which helped me uncover my motivations, fears, and aspirations. Then, there are the numerous WAT, PI and GD practice sessions preparing you for the D-day. And last but not the least is the enriching interaction and feedback from esteemed mentors and top B-school alumni. It freed me from my inhibitions and empowered me to come through successfully in my interviews. The trust, confidence, and motivation that the program instilled in me, I think it's going to help me in all my future endeavors because doing MBA is not the end rather it's mean to the end. The program provided me with an insight into my personality and that's going to help me throughout my life.

The career launcher team made this entire PDP process extremely smooth for me, especially Vaibhav sir who was always there to fix up mock interview dates or the GD/WAT sessions. I am glad to have chosen Career Launcher for MBA Preparation. The entire process was extremely smooth. The CAT mocks with varying degree of difficulty and plethora of questions are really close to the actual exam. And the in-depth analysis was the icing on the cake, giving you an exact picture of the areas you are strong at and also those where you are lacking. If the mocks were the reason for me being able to clear the entrance getting calls from elite B-schools, then the PDP Personalised Programme made it possible for me to convert those. I think when one enrolls for any Career Launcher Programme, they take responsibility for that student and provide a holistic learning experience and guide him till the end. My journey with Career Launcher has been rewarding and I convey my regard to the entire team to have made it possible for me.