Students Speak!!!

Rohan Tripathi
Converted: IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-K CAT 2017

My first impression of Gejo Sir was that he was a very serious person who would tolerate no nonsense. But this changed after a few meetings and I found him to be a very chilled out individual who always put up a smile while patiently resolving all my redundant queries.

Gejo sir was very helpful and was always ready to help me patiently even with all my repetitive queries. He sometimes went out of his way to motivate us and that really helped in boosting my confidence for my interviews. He took many short mock-interviews along with Shreyans sir and pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in my content and its delivery

The mentors suggested me ways to alter my content and present it in a much better way. Both Shreyans Sir and Gejo sir helped me in this area by taking mock interviews thereby suggesting workarounds for the fallacies in my content. The guest mentors who took my mock interviews also helped me get ready for my actual interviews. They suggested ways to improve my body language which helped me build my confidence and calm my nerves.

The dedication of Gejo sir to make several videos about the queries we had in mind, even while he was ill was truly commendable.

The mock-PI sessions organized by CL were very helpful as it helped me groom for the final day. The text material provided by CL was also quite extensive with interview experiences which gave me a rough idea of the line on which the interviews are generally carried out. It helped me prepare for basic HR questions by making me introspect about significant traits of my personality.

The best aspect of the program were the mock interview sessions where I also had the chance to interact with B school students who had undergone the whole interview process. I would also like to mention the importance and the significant assistance provided by the News Canvass team by their consolidated articles and holding online discussions on several current topics.

The program was quite extensive, just like what I expected out of it. It wasn't just for the sake of interviews, but to mould the student and get him ready for corporate life, thereby having a significant impact on one's personality. It really helped me shape my personality, my way of reasoning and line of thought process through rigorous introspection.

The career launcher team could have done better, especially in the assignment of my mentor instead of making me fill up a number of online forms. This delay of almost 10 days did hurt my preparation for interviews. I would request the team to smoothen the process and have a better integration within various CL centres.

Whenever I look for a place to prepare for something important, I always check whether there is an environment where I can grow and learn. I found this at CL in their PDP Personalised Program. The faculty and staff were very helpful, guiding me at every step. You get everything right from text materials, online articles, mock PI & GD sessions, AWT-WAT writing sessions and what not, but most importantly we all need a partner in our endeavours to achieve something great and Career Launcher was mine. Thank you everyone.

Prateek Nyati
Converted: IIM-B, IIM-L, MDI, SJMSOM CAT 2017

Gejo Sir is the best CAT/MBA mentor I have met so far. He is very approachable and extremely co-operative. His tendency to listen to our stupidest questions and answer them patiently is remarkable. He gave a professional touch to my SOPs and helped me a lot during editing of the content and style of my essays. He was always available during last minute submission of SOPs. He helped me submit all my SOPs on time. His technical knowledge of GD-PI process was very useful to me. He pointed out my weak areas very precisely and helped me improve myself. One to one sessions with him boosted my self confidence and this ensured that I had no difficulty during actual PI. He is also a great motivator. He brought the best out of me during WAT-PI preparation. His passion for teaching and helping students achieve their dream is something that I admire the most. His passion for teaching and helping students even when he was not keeping up good health is truly inspirational.

Whole career launcher team was very co-operative. Neha took care of all the scheduling very well. She supported me in scheduling and re-scheduling my mock interviews and made sure that I don't have to take leaves from my job. Joining CL's PDP program was one of my best decisions. All the general awareness articles and sessions from news canvass team and other CL faculty members were extremely helpful for WATs and PIs. CL team organized extremely helpful knowledge sessions on all relevant sections of the whole GD-WAT-PI process. All the sessions were oriented towards broadening our knowledge spectrum and making us aware of the happenings around us. Enormous amount work input by faculty and efforts that goes behind arranging IIM alums and industry professionals to take our mock interviews and guide us is what makes this PDP program the best program available for post-CAT preparation.

Summing up,Cl's PDP is not only the best WAT-PI preparation program but also an orientation program for the MBA journey.

Roshnee Sundararaman
Converted: IIM-B, MDI, SP Jain, IIM-L, IIM-I CAT 2017

Gejo sir is like Yoda (Star Wars). If you are on your way to fight the IIM battle - there is no one better to have in your corner. I still remember meeting him for the first time. I had calls from the IIMs and needed guidance for interview preparations. I remember asking about how the CL program would help me. He just took a one-hour session with me there and then - and I was sold!

That very first session helped me make sense of my life path. It gave immense clarity on the strengths of my story and helped me project them in my interviews.

One of his best qualities is the amount of personal investment he makes in all his students. He probably put in more effort than I did to convert my calls. Before the submission deadline for Bangalore, he painstakingly reviewed and revised atleast 10 iterations of my SOP!

He never let the stress get to me & was ever ready to patiently listen when my confidence wavered. He has been the biggest contributor in helping me convert my Bangalore call.

Career Launcher has the most amazing team of teachers and Mentors. Gejo sir, Shreyans sir, Aziz sir, Amod sir - they are all very approachable and amazing at what they do.

Special regard to: Mehekka - Her knowledge sessions and News canvass PDFs were super helpful considering my non-existent GK. Every current topic was duly analysed and sent every week to ensure all of us were completely updated before the interviews.Raj - He was my first point of contact with career launcher. I had called up CL to enquire and his detailed response definitely cemented my first step to join CL.Neha - She is a one stop contact for everything PDP. She organised all my interviews, mentorship sessions, knowledge sessions and just about everything else.

Neerja Aiyer
Converted: IIM-B, IIM-L, SP Jain CAT 2017

I loved Gejo sir right from the time I used to watch his videos that were a part of Smart Quant Cracker and I was very excited to have him as my mentor. Always thought he was a vibrant, fun and cool person and that impression carried through

I had appeared for some interviews in the previous year as well. This year I found myself more confident and calmer in a way. I may not have answered each and every question in my interviews but I guess the process that I went through, in the PDP program helped me deal with the situations so much better and something obviously worked as I made it to my dream B School.

Gejo Sir took all the raw material from my life and helped me build a story. He was available all the time for the silliest of my questions. He worked together with me to overcome what I considered my biggest interview hurdles. Whenever I went through any interview experience, mock or actual, I knew I could dissect it in detail with him after. I feel like he was more enthusiastic than I was and believed in me even more that I did. He went the extra mile to help me overcome my weaknesses. I remember video taping one of my mock interviews and going over it minute by minute with him and Shreyans. All in all Gejo Sir was a support system.

I think this program works because it seeks to give each person a story. This path of coming up with a story and finding out the 5 most important things about oneself results in a lot of self-discovery. Additionally, the mock interviews and the interactions that we had with the mentors made me so much more confident in the interviews than I was in my previous attempt. I may not have known the answer to every question but I knew how to tackle situations better.

I sat with not only my mentor but others from the CL team and also the alumni who would come to interview us on weekends and worked on my story. I also went through a bunch of personal interview questions and ironed out answers to the same. Additionally, there were a ton of knowledge sessions which gave me all round awareness.

The fact that he believed in me unconditionally and that he was always there to help me out with anything, is what I like the most about Gejo Sir.

I think the way the program is designed with the concept of one on one mentoring works beautifully. The mentors are another reason why they program works. Apart from my mentor, I had a chance to interact with the others at the Bombay centre and also some other mentors from across India. They are such great people and each one brings a unique approach to the process. Also the method which trains you to work on your own story works wonders for self discovery and self confidence.

Apart from my mentor, others from the career launcher team also helped me in this endeavour. Raj who helped me during admission, Neha who was ever so patient with all the coordinating, the others from the Bombay centre - Shreyans, Aziz Sir who helped me out constantly in so many different aspects, everyone who took the knowledge sessions (I remember Amod sir's session on world affairs distinctly), the other mentors who took guest sessions-Gautam Puri Sir, Arks Sir, Satya Sir, even the alumni who would come on weekends to conduct mock interviews for us, have all made the experience at CL for me a pleasant and memorable one.

I think the approach that this program teaches is one of self evaluation and self discovery. That is something that changes the way you approach any situation in life. It makes you more aware of yourself and how to tackle different people differently. This will stay with me forever.

My experience at CL will remain with me for a lifetime. I have met some great people and have thoroughly enjoyed all the time that I spent with them-learning, growing and being inspired.