Students Speak!!!

Nishit Agarwal
Convert: IMT Ghaziabad CAT 2017

I'd call the first meeting with my mentor, magical. I realized that, before PDPP, I had been preparing very superficially for the WAT-GD-PI rounds of the colleges while sugarcoating my profile. Gopi sir made me realize the importance of introspection and being honest. I was spellbound how Gopi sir would patiently listen to my achievements and all that I had done till date and structure them in a manner that would make an impression on the interviewer. He would patiently listen to all my doubts during the entire journey and patiently & promptly reply to them.

PDPP fills the gap of quality mentorship during CAT that every serious candidate looks for. It seemed more than a professional offering as there was no fixed pedagogy that a student was required to follow as we were given a free-hand to discuss anything and everything that is required to make it to the elite colleges.

Kartik Tyagi
Converted: IIM-C, IIM-L, IIM-I, IIM-K CAT 2017

My first impression of the mentor was that of a person with a lot of experience and from whom I can and should learn as much as I can, not just for the sake of the program that I have joined but to have a process of learning alive in the future as well.

I did one mock PI with my mentor over the skype and he was brutal or rather I should say I was underprepared and that interview gave me the punch I was needed. After that, I had few interviews at CL centre and they went well. I was still anxious about my big interview for IIMC, my best call and my mentor came to the city a day before the interview and gave me a pep talk that filled me with confidence to perform my best on the D day.

Gopi sir has a lot of experience and is well aware and informed about things in general. The course of the mock interviews or interactions that we had were not predetermined. He has this ability to make questions on the spot and gives one a perspective which helps in preparing oneself for unexpected questions on the D day.

I really loved the online knowledge sessions. It is important that one attends the live sessions so that he/she gets the actual classroom feel with doubts getting solved on the go. The PDP personalized is good as the mentors provided are highly experienced and to hear supportive words from them adds to your confidence and performance enabling you to have better confidence and preparedness for the interviews.

Saurabh Shah
Converted - IIM-B CAT 2017

In the first impression itself, I thought he is right mentor for me. As time passed he impressed me more during later sessions.

The sessions were very helpful for the PI rounds, Gopi sir gave me right exposure during mock PI in terms of interview pressure, content value and presentation.

The sessions with him were very interactive session, whether it was doubt session or mock PI, every aspect of preparation was taken care of by him, every minute detail was observed in my PI. He highlighted all those areas in which improvement was needed and suggested the right way to do it.

He worked on my strengths, which although I already knew, he guided me to present it in a better way. It helped me in personality development and confidence building. My communication skills weren't my strength, but my mentor helped me to overcome this problem. He helped me a lot in content development. He told me how mould raw information into a finished product in the right shape and the right way. Honesty, First he analysed my strengths and weaknesses then moulded me accordingly. He built my confidence on my strengths and guided how to present it ineffective way.

PDP personalised program is an effective tool to prepare yourself for an interview. One of the best aspects of this program is matching mentor allocation based on your profile.

Apart from the mentor, whole career launcher team was very helpful and supporting. They played the role of supporting cast to prepare me for the interview.

PDPP helped me to think in a different way. It gave me confidence which is the most important thing to your personality.

Overall it was good experience starting from test series to PDP personalised. I want to thank the whole career launcher team for this achievement (As I am selected in IIM B).

Ankit Lal
Converted: SPJIMR CAT 2017

Right from the day when I was assigned to Gopi sir, he has been affable and easy to approach. His remarks on the forms filled for SPJIMR gave me a lot of confidence.

I had 2 sessions with Gopi sir and both of them were extremely helpful. These sessions helped me in understanding myself better. The feedback provided after the sessions were more important than the sessions itself. It helped me gain clarity on where should be the focus of my preparation.

Gopi sir helped in my personal development by helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses through the PI rounds. Confidence building was always there from Gopi sir. His inputs on my form of SPJIMR gave me a lot of confidence. He did not restrict his relationship to mentor and mentee, instead, he comforted me by talking about the career choices and paths and steps to be taken to build my career. He has also promised me to always guide me forward in future as well.

Gopi sir's knowledge about marketing was something out of ordinary. He shared his experiences in the field and I always got to learn something from his experiences. His knowledge of almost everything we spoke about was extraordinary. I was fortunate enough to have a such a wise and supportive mentor to guide me in my journey.

PDP personalised program is truly a unique one in the market and the knowledge sharing sessions and recorded form-filling sessions are very good. I would highly recommend this program if one aims to get into a top B-School.

Apart from Gopi sir, I would like to thank Mehekka ma'am for the Knowledge sessions. It was extremely helpful. Also, I would like to thank Jejo sir for his recorded session on SPJIMR form filling. This session helped gain direction on how to go about filling my form. The learnings from PDP personalised program is not short term. I got to learn so many new things that will be etched in my memory. I also got an opportunity to interact with Gopi sir and the mentor-mentee relationship will remain forever.

The experience with CL and its PDP personalised program has been very good. To start with, the mocks of career launcher are extremely useful in the preparation for the exam. The recorded sessions on how a CL mentor will approach the same mock paper really helped me understand the places where I was going wrong in the mock exam. After the exams were done, it was time for interviews. This is where PDP personalised program became relevant for my preparation. This program structure is commendable. This program mapped me to a mentor who was extremely helpful in my endeavour. Besides this, there were recorded sessions on the portal which helped me build my knowledge of different subjects. To sum it up, CL provided me all the support and help required in my journey from the exams to the interviews. Thank you, CL.

Srishti Sharma
CAT 2017

Gopi sir was the catalyst to my progress- lessons that I would have learnt after spending a lot of time, he just gave them to me readily. He is a marketing guru and helped me market myself. I have an improved self-image now :). He is realistic, yet inspired me to aim for the stars and fetch them. The interactions with him made me more confident and helped me aim my targets better!

PDP is like sharpening your axe, people don't realise it's importance and that's their misfortune, truly.

Life is but a treasure hunt ,and with an axe that's been sharpened via PDP , via the experienced and seasoned mentors, you could find the lost treasure-trove the one that was lost in this education system of ours, the one that is truly your calling, the one that is within you and with which you can make this world a better place.