Students Speak!!!

Ankush Jain
Converted - IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-I, IIM-K, IIM-L, SIBM CAT 2017

I first thought Shivku sir would be too strict and serious. Being an IITian I knew he is a genius, but never thought at that time he would be so happy go lucky and interactive.

The sessions with him were very helpful for the PI rounds. My results are a testimony in itself. Shivku sir knew what kind of mindset the interviewer would have for each of the colleges A, B, and C. He knew B focuses on work ex, C on maths and stats, and A on acads, so we practised the same way.

My first interaction was a 4000-word essay I was asked to write about my life. That was the time where sir got insights into my life, my strengths, my USP's. He wrote a feedback form and thus we prepared week by week. Eventually, we covered all the areas and I am happy at the end.

I still remember sir pointing out my body posture and lack of eye contact. This was a very unhealthy habit, which I worked on and it gave me confidence. He asked me to take movies and songs with me so that I do not interact with people there and lose my confidence. Before every interview, we used to have a call and the only thing he said was "I know you will do good", this was very motivating. As I mentioned we started with a self-awareness exercise, so it forms a base.

My "Why MBA" question in the forms was guided by him. I knew my decision to join business, but I was not able to write it. He made that editing so that we do not exceed the word limit and our message is expressed well. As far as interview content is there, academics, gk, was taken care of by him. Also, some cliche interview scenarios were given to me, out of which one happened in IIM L

His ability to read your strengths, to predict the target areas for the respective interview panel, is what I find most amusing. The best one was his belief in me and his soft and positive personality.

The best part about PDP Personalized is the mentors. You have that confidence that you have someone who is already from an IIM and is with you. Moreover, the activity of self-awareness through an extensive essay is different from anything I have heard. We had special customised preparation for IIM ABC etc so you were not burdened and up on your toes.

Shivku sir was there from the day we had our first or second LRDI class, but the admin and the dedicated management is what makes life easy. You never need to book doubt sessions at CL, it was our coordinator who was always after us to book one. Teachers in other areas were equally dedicated and kept us motivated.

The PDP personalised had some motivating sessions where we had sessions showing the changing world and how it will be in 2030, 40 and so on. The best thing that I have kept from those sessions is to be calm yet determined and not just run after a short-term exam or result. There were some sessions that were not PDP centric, rather covered the philosophy about out of the box approach towards personal and professional endeavours.

To sum up, I would say it never looked helpless while undergoing this pressure-filled exam. CL, mentors, teachers staff were always there even without asking. From academic help to your moral and emotional anxieties of exams, I found support. It was more than "The best Institute for CAT"

Thank You

Anubhav Kataria
Converted - FMS, IIFT-Delhi CAT 2017

Shivku sir always seemed like a Real-life Idol whom I would actually like to emulate. Even before I met Shivku sir, I knew he was from an IIT as I had read about him on CL website. I met him for the first time in an Algebra session. To be honest, I was happily surprised with the knowledge and expertise of Shivku sir in algebra, as being from an IIT myself I don't know of too many IITians who remain good at maths after their B.Tech. He seemed very simple and still so inspiring. Rarely does it happen that a person's authenticity and sincerity moves you as much as he moved me.

The conceptual sessions for PI taken by GP sir, Sreeni Sir and Sujit Sir were very good foundation places to start for PI. Those sessions helped me raise a few questions to myself that laid the path for the entire preparation for WAT/PI. Those questions helped me form my short term and long term career plans which eventually directed me towards all I had to prepare for the interview. Those sessions gave me a broad perspective of where I had to go and the details of which I got to know from my interaction with my mentor.

I have been interacting personally with Shivku sir during the classroom program. For CAT, he helped me form a detailed plan for entire QA preparation along with timelines. That was the only saving grace for my otherwise poorly planned CAT preparation.

Once CAT scores came out, I started interacting with my mentor for PI round. He tweaked the PDP program to suit my requirements. He used to give me long hours in person or by phone to discuss my progress. He laid out the details of everything I had to prepare for - my life story, academics, extra-curricular activities, personality, basically everything that was required of me to crack the interviews. After every interview, I used to have long phone sessions with him to improve my performance in the interviews to come. Even after the results came out, he helped me take a decision on the course I should join. In all, the mentorship was the best part of PDP and perhaps the main reason I would be going to a B-school this year.

During various interactions with my mentor, I used to get detailed input on various aspects I had to work on. For personality development, he helped me iron out my communication skills which with time bore quite remarkable results.

After CAT, I was quite scared of my chances of making it to a top B-school and it was my mentor who made it so concrete in my heart the belief that my score and my profile was more than good enough to crack all the calls I had. If he hadn't done that, I wouldn't have been able to perform as well as I did during PIs.

In terms of self-awareness, it was my mentor who, upon hearing my story, pointed me towards all the positives of my story that I had to focus. He helped me find strengths in me which I didn't even know. It was him who helped me work on my strengths and highlight them during PI.

My mentor helped me to point towards all the points I should discuss in an interview. He helped me chalk out 8 such points from my story, some of which I would have never thought of on my own. He helped me find justification for my deficiencies, some of which more than one time. After every interview, he helped me improve every answer for the next interview. There were many moments he took the onus of directing me to answers I would not have reached on my own. In addition to this, he helped me to point towards what all I had to prepare for academics and extra-curricular related questions for PI.

I would like to give special mention to GP sir, who, just one day before my IIMC interview, helped me calm my nerves and form all my answers again for I had forgotten everything my mentor had taught me.

I always felt he was someone who I could rely upon. If he would miss my call he always used to call me back. In that sense, he was quite responsible and professional.

I saw PDP personalised program as having two aspects - personal aspect and general aspect. Talking first about the general preparation aspect (Mock GDs, Mock WAT, Mock Extempore, Knowledge sessions), I learnt things which I will take with me for a long long time. I have nothing but extreme awe for CL for arranging things in such an efficient way when it came to the general preparation.

Now to the personal aspect - I am slightly mixed on this. The best part of this was the mentorship program and the amazing benefits that come associated with it. That helped me tremendously not only in PIs for B-school but for future as well.

Apart from that, there are things I'm not too sure about. When I heard of the PDP program first, it was portrayed to me as something which would transform me in a few months. I think I know of some of the things that PDP helped me improve my personality - communication skills, general and self-awareness, to name a few. Unfortunately, I don't feel I have transformed into a person I wasn't earlier. That might sound childish but that's how I feel about it. Maybe I haven't worked as hard as I was supposed to or that I have changed but don't realize it just yet.

Apart from my mentor, I am really appreciative of PDP co-ordinator - Vaibhav Sir, for arranging everything for students, sometimes on a very short notice. In addition to this, the entire team of teachers who helped with Mock GDs, WATs, Extempore; and knowledge sessions were very helpful. KS by Mehekka ma'am were exceptionally well done. In addition to this, I had great learnings from various faculty members who helped me in Mock PIs. One thing that I have the utmost respect for was the participation from other students, especially on Telegram group. Their detailed descriptions of interviews were the best thing about PDP program and a real life-saver. Telegram was an app that was used very effectively to pass on great readings as well as help with all kinds of queries.

I had never appeared for any professional interview prior to my B-school interviews this year. PDP program helped me know all that is expected out of me in an interview. It has spoon-fed me in this B-school finding phase of my life while preparing me to take the journey forward solo. Now I just need to keep adding things to an already well-prepared profile. It has provided me with the platform with which I feel confident about tackling campus placements and future interview selection processes. Not only that, it has helped me chalk out my career path and given me clarity on what I must be doing once I enter a new campus. In all these ways, PDP has created a launchpad for me which I'm looking forward to utilizing in the future in an efficient way.

I think PDP Personalized is a revolutionary, one of a kind program. I loved and enjoyed the mentorship program and learned so much from Shivku Sir that I feel confident regarding B-school placements. Though I could not convert the best call I had, I believe that my mentor worked much harder than me to make it work for me. He would be someone I would remember a long time for shaping me into the manager I want to become. Knowledge sessions played an important part in my journey to FMS Delhi, the college I'll join. I was a guy, who prior to PDP, didn't even know the number of states in India and only I know how far I have come forward using KSs. My preparation for PI/WAT/GD/Extempore became rock solid with Mocks for basically everything I faced. It's a testimonial that the only thing CL didn't provide mock for was the document verification process.

The combination of the hard work done by CL during both the programs paid way to a large number of calls and final conversion to a very reputable B-school. I'd like to thank the entire team - teachers and the support staff, for the making the journey obstacle-free. I have extensive experience of having taken coaching for various competitive examinations at all kinds of institutes and CL stands out very highest in the list of the most professionally run coaching institutes in the country. There's nothing but gratitude and best wishes for everyone at CL from my end towards their future. Thanks.

Utkarsh Maskara
Converted - IIM-K, IIM-I, SPJIMR CAT 2017

Shivku sir from the first conversation sounded someone who was there to help. He never postponed the meetings, calls, and was always up for helping me academically and psychologically.

Each and every PI session was helpful in their own ways, the mentors gave us a feedback and this was really helpful. PDP is not just an interview prep exercise but it actually helps in your growth.

Shivku sir always motivated me and asked me to calm down when I panicked. His test-taking strategy helped me in a lot many ways; I could see drastic improvements in my scores. Each section was taken up by him separately and he shared his approach to each question, this was really helpful.

The sessions weren't only focussed on interview prep but it was all-round development. It immensely helped me. Learning about things which really matter in a long run, building self-confidence and expanding our circle of knowledge are some important takeaways from the programme

Family like treatment by Shivku sir is what I liked the most. Not once I had to think before calling Shivku sir, he was always there for help. Personal, academic, any kind of help and he was there with a solution.

The PDP Personalized builds you as a person, a person who was probably lost while we were growing up. Takes us back in time to that age when we tried experimenting and were fearless. It's a great first step towards glory.

The Career Launcher team, specially Vaibhav sir was extremely helpful. He ensured we had regular sessions; he informed us prior to every session and made everything smooth for us. I am lucky to have been a part of this family, where everyone wants you to succeed.

I was happy that I realised how things have changed and how important is to stop sometimes and look around. There are options and we never really look at them cause we are running. These sessions give you an insight into what you really are as a person.

It has been a tremendous experience, the way CL family has helped us and been with us through thick and thin, it's commendable. I especially want to thank Shivku sir, without whom I could not have achieved whatever I could. He is one of the most genuine, honest and helpful people that i have ever come across. He is more than a teacher or mentor to me. Thanks, CL, Thanks, Shivku sir.

Nitisha Thakwani
Converted - IIM-K, MDI, XLRI HR, IIFT CAT 2017

I still remember the first class when Shivku sir taught me. It surely was respect at first sight. Shivku sir, in his signature kurta, started the class with some challenging puzzles. His classes were interesting as well as informative. When PDP mentors were announced and I learnt about Shivku sir being my mentor, I knew I will be able to convert my best call. He motivated me during my lows, shared my happiness when I was happy, called me often to check on my preparation and even took Skype interview early in the morning. Since then, my respect for sir has grown exponentially. I can’t really express my heartfelt gratitude towards sir, he has been a constant support during my entire preparation.

The PI rounds were super helpful. The feedback provided to me after every interview helped me reflect my shortcomings and be better prepared for interviews.

Shivku sir made sure that I took PIs regularly. I initially tried to skip interactions out of my inhibitions, however, sir called me up personally and nudged me to keep interacting with him and also with other mentors, to get a new perspective. This interaction helped me on the D-Day, where I spoke fluently and confidently.

I would definitely attribute my success at the interview to Shivku sir. His tips not only helped me clear the interviews of various B schools but also made me an overall confident person.

Sir kept on nudging me to write answers to the questions in the PDP book and personally corrected them. He cross questioned my answers and helped me solidify them. So in the interview, I was able to justify all my points and make a mark in the interview.

The best aspect is the assignment of mentor to get a personalized attention. Really lucky to have Shivku sir as my mentor.

The Career Launcher team seemed like a family. Right from the first day to my last PDP session, the team provided me with relentless support, without which I wouldn't have succeeded.

I am now a more confident person and have started to believe in myself.