Students Speak!!!

Harrshit M Kansal
Converted - IIFT, MDI CAT 2017

When I first interacted with my mentor, I really liked Srinivas sir's's passion to make me achieve success. It stayed the same throughout the journey and I was also happy to have a sense of personal touch provided to me by my mentor in preparing me.

The sessions with him were very helpful for the PI rounds. It helped me develop flair in answering the interview questions. Also, certain information gaps were also taken care of.

I used to interact with him either at calls or through messaging or emails. Further, a knowledge session was also organized for all the mentees. My mentor had also formed a WhatsApp group for all his mentees to communicate with one another.

He helped me in discovering myself to a greater extent. Interactions with him made me structure my thought process in a better way which in turn, gave me a lot more confidence to approach my interviews.

I had taken his guidance for filling the IIFT CV. I filled the answers to all the questions of the CV and submitted it to the mentor for review. He provided me with his feedback which helped me improve my answers.

I believe that PDP is a very comprehensive preparation program which allows you to discover yourself, improve your personality and approach the final rounds of business schools with a lot more confidence. It takes care of all the aspects of your preparation holistically. This program has not only provided me with immediate success in getting into premier business schools but also with a holistic self-discovery. I firmly believe that my experience and learnings as a part of this program are going to help me a lot, further in my life.

I believe that the entire CL team involved in this program has played a role in my success. The senior faculty at CL was also involved with us through a Telegram group and constantly provided us with their invaluable guidance. The support staff was also quite helpful and friendly.

I am really fortunate to have been associated with CL for my MBA preparation journey. I express my heartfelt gratitude to them for guiding and nurturing me through this journey. I am really thankful to CL and its programs for making me capable enough to follow my dreams, realize my potential and achieve my goal.

Rishabh Kohli
Converted - IIM L, IIM-I, IIM-K CAT 2017

The sessions with Srinivas sir got me ready with a few basic questions that helped me in some interviews. Mostly he taught me that it is totally fine to make mistakes in the interview. Just know about your experiences to date and have logical views about things happening around you. I understood what was expected of me and my essays. He helped me understand which aspects of my life I should focus more on. Talking in an interview setting helped me be more ready for the real interviews. For essays, it helped to have someone guide me for what is to be expected. Srinivas sir was available for doubts that I had and helped organize more mock interviews.

PDPP helps you put your best foot forward. Gets you ready for interviews and also meet people who are going through the same thing. It gave me an insight into what life of an MBA student will be.

Also, the knowledge sessions and interviews with other people gave me a good perspective. It was fun and definitely helped me in being better prepared for my interviews.

Converted - IIM-L CAT 2017

As this was my first attempt at CAT and I had no idea on how the upcoming rounds would be. Srinivas sir was allocated as my mentor and the first thing he did was understand who I am, what background I come from, what have I done previously to benefit the college or the company etc. Based on that I was given an idea how the questions might occur in our actual PI and how to go about it. With multiple mock interviews and QnA sessions, I was in a state where I could confidently attend interviews.

Initially, I thought it was hard to talk to Srinivas sir as he was one of the most senior person, but later I realized that he was very kind(For example The SOP that I had written was corrected by him at least 10 times). He used to reply to my doubts no matter how silly or dumb it was.

That one fear every candidate will have is 'what if I don't make it this year', Srinivas sir eliminated that fear I had in me, which helped me to be confident in my interviews. The more time I spent with him the more idea I got on how to tackle questions that may come in the interviews. PDPP programme makes the aspirants understand that getting a high CAT score is just the 1st step, there are multiple other steps that you need to climb to actually make it to those most reputed colleges. There are multiple things that you need to understand before going to the WAT and PI. PDPP unfolds every basic thing that you need to know before you go to the next step. Yes, it is possible that you can prepare on your own but PDPP provides a path on how to go about with your preparation in that given time period. With an experienced guide that is allocated to you for your personal development, you will have the benefit over the others who are preparing on their own.

Karanjeet Singh Johar
Converted - IIM-C, IIM-L CAT 2017

The sessions were very helpful. Both the knowledge sessions as well as the mock Interviews were very detailed and helped fill up the lacuna in my arguments/objectives, which in turn boosted my confidence. The sessions were very detailed, almost 2x the PI durations and covered almost all possible areas where the interview could go and it was very helpful.

The mocks by a diverse set of people really broadens the horizon of the Interviewee. There was detailed feedback on the subjective questions as well as answers to common questions and it really helped a lot.

Srinivas sir's being methodical and systematic really helped a lot. It is really structured and well planned out. The mentors are knowledgeable and one has a meaningful discussion/feedback before the actual interview. Best aspects are the mock interviews by a diverse set of people and the knowledge sessions by Mr. Rohit Singh here at BLR.

Kudos to the CL team. I think the complete center staff had everything planned out and mock interviews scheduled I advance and that saved a lot of time since I did not have to wait much for the common interview slots on weekends.

The very fact that this program is called PDP and not PI preparation program alludes to the fact that is much more than the PI. You discover your aims/objective, are helped to reason them out and this is going to help in the future also.

It's really been smooth sailing. I could convert all of my calls and the overall experience has been great.